General How I built a complete budget boba in the uk for ~ 270GBP


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Hey guys, I know you've all been dreading the day some monkey like me shows up with an inaccurate costume + Hasbro helmet but hear me out, while obviously imperfect I feel that my costume has a lot to offer for the price it cost me in total (which was £267.69) so i'm here to break it down in-case anybody like me 2 months ago is wondering where to start on a budget (I know proper bobas can get pricey!!) :) If you have a 3d printer then you could make this even cheaper than I did.


Be warned this is not a thread meant for perfectionists!!!


Ok we'll start off in the order I created pieces, first off the ee-3 blaster was a plastic ROTJ toy I found online for about £15. Pretty simple it had no lights or internal electronics so I just used some filler on the cracks and spray painted it black, I then went over with a silver paintbrush in some edges and corners then again with a rust type model paint I had at home. (If you don't have these they should be very cheap, they can be found in model hobby stores/online very easily.)


Another easy one, while not blisteringly accurate I believe the black series esb helmet that came out recently I got for about £100 is incredibly good value for money, most of the painting is already done. All I did to it was use some of my own silver inside the dent to make it look less plastic and also some darker paints around the dent as sort of scorch marks/(carbon scoring?).

FlightSuit + Pockets
I found a cheap boba fett cosplay piece on ebay for about £50, it had the whole costume made out of material. But what really caught my eye was the flightsuit, considering it had the right pockets therefore making it seem better than a boilersuit to me but also much cheaper than a proper boba flightsuit I knew I had to get one.
I ended up using black spraypaint to give it some weathering.

Now the exciting bits are coming, the jetpack. It's a tricky beast but I tried my best anyway. I'm sure over time I will keep modifying it and it will look much better than it does at the moment. Anyway enough rambling.
I started with a sheet of hardboard I had and I used online templates to get rough dimensions for the jetpack

You can see how it's strengthened with wood, I then used some EVA foam I had (crafts foam can be found cheap online) and wrapped up a thick pvc pipe I also had (cut to length) which you can see in the background of the first image. It was then placed in the centre of the jetpack. Then I wrapped over the pipe with a rectangle of foam to smooth the edge as can be seen below.

Then, using more foam I created some edges for the main cylinder:

and for the outside cylinders I used four coke cans and placed some angular foam pieces around them to connect

I then spray painted green and used some of the same weathering techniques as before

For the rocket I took a thin pvc pipe and used Alan Sinclar's Jetpack templates as a guide to create cones and bits to thread over the pipe which were then hot glued in place. I'll leave a small diagram here to explain what was what
IMG_20200628_181807 (1).jpg

Next I painted the components of the rocket, and I also bought a set of 3d printed thrusters from ebay for £16 which I painted then mounted securely and I also added bits and bobs I had lying around to add some detail to the pack. Finally I bought some bergan straps for £3.40 online which I used to wear the pack.

Unfortunately I don't have many progress pics for this part, since I had most done in about a day or two. However I can describe how it was done.
First I got some foamex online. Exact dimensions of what you need may vary, but overall I spent about £40 on foamex (which is a UK equivalent for Sintra so any online tutorials using that will be valid)
Then, using medium size templates from mandalorian mercs I cut out armour pieces with a dremel, heat formed them with a heat gun and painted them. To create the small dent on the left panel I heated with a heat gun and pressed a small cylinder into it while it was flexible. For the decals I handmade some stencils and sprayed through.

For the chest display I cut two rectangular holes in the chest and used a trick I found on this forum, where I took an old Ipod touch and mounted it to the back of the chest where it plays a 6hr long looped video of the display.

I however wasn't quite happy with the way the green paint I had to hand came out as it clashed with the helmets visually different colour rather badly in my opinion. So I searched online and ended up buying some Tamiya TS-78 spray (field grey colour) for about £7 which I went over and redid the armour pieces.

The shin armour was created in the same way with the templates, the dart blocks were cut from wood and the little dart pieces were made from tv connectors and a pen lid drilled and stuck into the wood.

All of my armour was attached straight to the flightsuit with good velcro, (I couldn't extent the budget for a flak vest and I believe what I have is good enough for me at least, I may at some point in the future get a flak vest however.)

Belt + Girth belt
With the flight suit came a belt and fake leather pockets which I used directly on the costume, and for the girth belt with the help of my mother I sowed some bits of red rope together and connected with buckles at the back. It is to this which I attached the extra pockets

In my opinion one of the most challenging parts of the whole costume were the gauntlets. They were created with the help from more of Alan Sinclair's templates out of foamex
Right Gauntlet:

Left Gauntlet:
For the left gauntlet I wanted to have something looking passable so I bought from ebay a 3d printed keypad for £9 and a gauntlet rocket for £6.


I created a flamethrower out of bits I had lying around and some foam.

I riveted hinges into both gauntlets so they can be put on securely. The right gauntlet hose was a short 3/8" Clear Braided PVC Flexible Tubing for about £5 and the dart things are just rivets drilled and glued in place. Here are both finished gauntlets.

I bought some cotton duck canvas fabric from ebay (here) 1m of beige and 1/2m of caramel brown which came to about £14. I then cut it to size (30" by 36" I believe and sewed in the brown stripe on both sides, I then frayed and spray painted the burn on the lower side. It attaches to the flightsuit with a button.

Extra bits
The Wookiee braids were just some braided cotton (which isn't 100% accurate but it's free if you have it already) and I made some shin tools out of spare foamex which sit nicely in some pockets I attached down there. I also bought some white parade gloves for £2.29 on ebay and gave them a little bit of weathering.

Completed set
Below I'll leave some snaps of the final (ish) costume, let me know if you have any questions on something I did or forgot / any cheap modifications you think I should make to further this cosplay! I hope you enjoyed my first ever cosplay :)









Nice job. Clearly you've put some hours into this. Great to see builds that help/inspire new Fett's.
As a fellow budget Boba I'm ashamed to admit slight defeat in some areas, so I've hired Bobamaker to help me out. I know where my talents start and end :D.

Movie accuracy aside, I feel Boba is a great character to build as his outfit would surely change on a daily basis due to all the scrapes he got into. I'm sure he looked quite different after he crawled out of that Sarlacc.


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Fantastic job. I love to see scratch builds , they get my respect. buying premade peices is a perfectly acceptable way to go, but I really enjoy craftmanship and ingenuity.

I myself and working on my first boba fett costume. I'm halfway through building the helmet, so just a few steps down the long road.

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Nicely done. As with all things Boba Fett/Mandalorian related it is an ever evolving process. Few members/costumers look the same a year, 2 years, and 5 years down the road from where their first kits started ha Keep up the hard work. Keep improving. Keep learning. And most importantly, keep having fun with it!