Boba Fett Re-Appearance Armor (heavily weathered version)

So, as written in my introduction, I intend to recreate Boba's re-appearance as he donned his armor and fights against the Stormtroopers (which I of course will not do, as I am a nice girl). As all I have found is a website which gave a pretty good breakdown on the costume parts and the pictures available from Hot Toys (which I usually I do not trust too much, but I have not much other choice in this case).

I am about collecting the elements of the outfit, and here is what I have so far:


This is the beginning of his belt. The mentioned website wrote that they think his belt consists of a weightlifting belt sewn onto a rope belt. After looking at the Hot Toys images, I realized this is incorrect. Firstly, I could not find for the life of me a weightlifting belt with a buckle with just one pin (they all had two pins). Secondly, I saw that in the back that black thingy under the buckle looks very suspicously like the back part of a leather motorcycle kidney belt. The front was cut off, and at the two ends, they attached the rows of rope. In this case, I do not think it was a ready-made horse saddle girth, but really some kind of cordage simply attached to it. I will also sew it to the end of the old kidney belt I have laying around (does not fit me anyways) in the way they did in the Hot Toys pics. I have also figured out a way to make a closure. It has just one problem: No way of adjusting this thing. Oh well...can't have everything.
For the rest, I got myself two strips of leather, 10 cm wide, which will be cut in the back to 5 cm, the front will stay 10 cm. I have to find a matching buckle, which should be doable (I collect these things). The second belt will be put in loops and attached to the first leather belt.
To get the cordage, I found nowhere this exact colour combination ready-made. So what I will do: I will take a strand of the black stuff and attach it as firmly as possible with pins to the chopped kidney belt (must be careful, otherwise it will hurt). Then I will measure this and cut the same length from another grey-brown cordage with the same width. Then I will undrill the black and brown cordage and re-unite them to get the pattern used in the Mandalorian. This stuff is about the correct width, so it should look fine.


Hasbro Black Series, with a bit more ding to look less polished. Might add to it during making process. It is good enough for me, I really like it (I know there are gaps and such, but it gives the right vibe to me).


Gloves are done. Two pairs of leather gloves from my mum (RIP), They fit my hands exactly. I used the brown ones as-is, and cut off the fingers off the black pair. The handguards are made of craftfoam and attached with transparent silicon tape (sticks very well).

Otherwise, I will dye a pair of light cotton pants black and use these. I just acquired a pair of screen-used safety boots (my feet will get cooked in these...but oh well). I will make the gaiters myself, as I could find nowhere ready-made ones to my liking.

For his black Kummerbund with the cloth stripes handing down, I bought 5 m of linen fabric. I will make the other stuff first to get this right.

For a shirt, I still have a natural linen poet's shirt lying around. The sleeves are exactly right. This will also be dyed black.

For the flak vest - this is still unsolved I realized it needs to be of a natural/beige colour, which I could not find anything appropriate. I cannot use the linen shirt I have. Most likely, I will make this from scratch.

Most of the armor will be made of craftfoam. I though about printing it, but as our printer is not that big, I will choose this material. The gauntlets, however, will be 3D-printed.

For his gun - no idea yet. Maybe a toy gun, or a 3D-print of his old gun and modify it. Still to be determined.

Oh, and his knee piece will also be 3D-printed.

That's about it right now, I guess...
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The belt straps have finally arrived. Now I need a belt buckle which accomodates a 5 cm belt and has a dark brass/bronzish colour. I am still waiting on some...undergarments. I am female, so there are some traits which I do not want here. Before this has arrived and I see how it works, I cannot begin the shirt/flak vest. The pants should be fine, as they just have a drawstring.

As I have the boots, maybe I can at least start with the minichaps...


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reading through this, I think you could benefit from the source material that is available, so you dont have to rely on toys for the build. Take a look around this here forum and the other builds that folks have started:

Also heres a massive collection of screenshots:
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Thanks so much for the link list. The screenshots are indeed helpful, as they show some closeups of the helmet and details. From what I have seen, most of the other builds are of his freshly repainted look. The one I will not do.

But still, the components are identical to these shape-wise. We shall see...
Today, the absolutely heavy-duty bull leather strips came in (4 mm thick, 10 cm wide):


Luckily, I have the necessary tools to process these monsters further. That is some nice leather quality! Cutting and stitching this will be real fun...:cool::lol: For my little guys, I am constantly searching for thin leather. But oh well...Boba needs the real tough stuff. Time to test my electrical cutter.
I have sanded the edges of my shoulder plates. During that process, I seriously thought whether I should do the whole thing in aluminium instead of craftfoam.

One advantage would be that the weathering and dings would be authentic like nothing else...but how to attach the plates to a fabric vest? I cannot use arming points after all...

The advantage of craftfoam or 3d-printed plates is that you can pretty easily glue or even plasticweld any kind of connection points to it. I have some experience shaping aluminium, but zero in welding it. Hmm...if I solve that problem, I might have a go at the shoulder plates.


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If you went ahead with the aluminum armor plates, you could use the pin attachment method, found as a sticky thread in the Boba Fett Costume resource here. JB Weld epoxy should be perfect for the pin backs. Also the maker of that vest does a fantastic job...I’ve seen his work on the FB costuming group...great stuff.
Here are comparison pics of the aluminium plate (I found some matching spray), and the unpainted craftfoam plate (I did bevel the edges, but no further detailing):


Here you can see heavily the difference in thickness:


And a top view with the left side dents in the aluminium:


I think even if using 3 mm craftfoam, the thickness would still be noticeable. Maybe aluminium is the way in this case...I will put the Mythosaur on - and then hit it heavily with some steelwool.
56Strat: Thank you, I will have a look into that. I read on the internet that Acrylocyclamat (basically superglue) sticks excellently to aluminium. So that is solved, too.

That is good to read that someone competent does that flight vest. I feel much better now.
Right now, I finished painting the shoulder piece with the Mythosaur emblem:


The skull is not placed 100 %, but that does not bother me too much. This will be the last time you see this thing in this perfect state of paint anyways. The steelwool is already on its way...

Guess it's time to make its twin...the right shoulder plate.;) Otherwise, it will feel too lonely.
As the weather is too cold right now for a rattlecan to work, I decided to redo the hand plates in aluminium...also started on the minichaps. Of course not enough leather, but I got some parts cut so that I could start sewing. Hopefully, the material will not take too long to arrive...also got two zippers. These will be sewn in such a way that you cannot see them. I like zippers better than velcro in this case, they are more discrete IMO.

I finally found a buckle which more or less matches the screen-used one. For some reason, there were silver or glossy black ones, not wide enough, or the variety where you put the strap through a leather loop...the one I have might be a tad light, but I can live with that.
A little series which shows how things may not go smooth from the get-go:

First attempt at hand plates, made of craftfoam with window color contouring on top for the structure:


Serviceable, but nothing more. Then I had that crazy idea about doing the plates in aluminium:


Basically not bad. Sadly, I forgot about the structure and tried to do it after bending. Consequently, it did not really show up.

So I redid the plates again, applying my knowledge of medieval armour making. Now I did the fluting as it should be done - before you shape any plates:


Oh, and here there is a little picture of a nice pair of shoulder plates:


Yes I know...not quite the right condition for my purpose. I just wanted to let them be like that one more day.
I turned down the orange a bit:


I think the colour basically is good. Now a little more drying, and then scratching.

Whilst searching for files for the gun, which is not available for free, I found file offers from 20 up to 50 €. While looking through Etsy for some ready-made stuff, I decided to go to for these printed parts: Star Wars die mandalorianische Boba Fett Blaster Pistole | Etsy

From what I gather, these are just the unassembled, raw parts. But that is okay, as I will need this gun only once.

Now back to sewing...
Here are the scratched up shoulder plates:


The shine will go dull over time, as aluminium tends to oxidize. But what I do not like for medieval armour, is okay in this case. I do not think the scratches are very screen-accurate, but that I think it looks good.
I just got in the blinking chest thingy. The one which goes on the left chest plate. After having made the corresponding openings - is it better to attach this device to the plate, or the flak vest?
Thanks! Otherwise, nothing new here. I am about sewing the gaiters. Not very exciting, they are just big black leather pieces sewn together. But it will take a good while...
In the meantime, I found a 3D-printing file for the cartridges around the waistbelt. I counted them, there are 17 of them. Here is the first one:


After a closer look I saw that they are more of an old-brass colour. Oh well, nothing paint can't fix. I am anyways thinking about glueing all of them into the loops. Otherwise, there might probably be a good chance that they might slip through one by one and go missing...

Still fighting with the fit of the chaps. From what I can see, the outside of legs are done in one piece. I decided to velcro the bottom to my boots so there is no chance for them to slip and show something which must not be seen (i.e. the top of my boots). I also use a loop on the inside for my laces to hold them in place.

Regarding the top: As the soft leather hardly won't hold itself up despite having cut them following the shape of my calves, I have to find a way. May as the pants blouse over the chaps, I could use a string with some elastic on the very top edge to secure them...Wonder which stuff was used in the series. Maybe some stretch artificial leather...but I am afraid that won't hold up to longer wear.
I am having trouble with my helmet. I think the basic shape of the Black Series is really good. But the green mandibles are just wrong with this version, and while I think the Hasbro weathering is not bad, it is not quite on the right spots.

So I think I will mask the visor neatly, cover the parts where the gaps are. From what I know, mainly the transition from top part to the maroon ridge, and the right ear piece where the rangefinder goes up and down.

We will see how that goes...I think I still have some Bondo lying around. Or maybe Apoxie? That stuff is also very strong. I do not think I need a ton of this, so it won't get very heavy.