Boba vs. Captain Rex choice


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Ok, so I got to thinking about the reality of having a complete Boba outfit and thought, "That would be a lot to keep up with when it comes to actually wearing it."

A close second for me is Captain Rex who probably fits my personality a little better but is not near as iconic. However, it seems to me that his outfit might be more manageable in terms of taking off and putting back on in case of a need to use the bathroom.

Question for those who might have experience in this matter: is that sound logic? Or am I overthinking this?


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It is not easy to take a bathroom break in either one but it is probably a bit easier in a clone or stormtrooper.

But don't pick a kit based on bathroom breaks pick the one you like the best.


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Yeah...go with your gut, not with your bladder :)

If Rex is more your type, go for it. If you like Boba for the style points, that's cool too. I have a fett and a stormtrooper and neither are pleasant when it comes to bathroom breaks. Just pace yourself and don't have too many coffees before suiting up.