Building a bucket from scratch...



Facing the fact that no helmet available at ebay will ever be authentic to the real thing - I am planning to build my bucket from scratch.

Has anybody got experience with scratchbuilding a bucket?

Does anybody know which normal-life-helmet might be suitable for starting off with as a basis? I am looking for a biker's helmet or something like that, around which I could add all the other parts of the mask.

Anybody an idea?
Many have tried making the perfect helmet with all the correct dimensions etc,etc. They have come very close to it but not exact ''they probably never will'' unless you have the first and only real BOBA FETT helmet in your hands...
I just finished a Jango helmet from scratch using various materials mostly bondo.I made the helmet alot more size accurate and looks pretty good.I did however have to do some changes to it as I didnt bring down the key section in the back down far enough but that wasnt to bad to fix.I am currently making the mold right now and will cast the final peice in fg. It was a tedious job but the end result was well worth it. I also scratch built a clone pilot helmet which is pretty much dead on detail and size wise.The pilot helmet isnt quite done yet but its almost there.I'll add pic urls so you can see both helmets. So if you want to scratch build a helmet it can be done, the only problem I had was finding good ref. pics and measurements to make it as close as I could.heres the url links.
Clone pilot helmet:
Jango fett helmet:
P.S I have since added length to the strips behind ears and the key section in the back.
Yeah...Secol is right. MMM started out with a metal Army helmet for the dome and worked the rest of the helmet from there. It's a great looking helmet.
Hey, thanks for the compliments, guys.

Yes, I made a scratchbuild using a steelpot GI helmet for the dome. It most closely resembled the curve of the original to me. I was working on the assumption/suspicion of previous SW prop info that many items were built on, or using, existing articles. Most obvious was the wide range of military, especially WWII, materiel. I'm satisfied with the results of my attempt, but know it has some aspects that are far from canon.

There have been some of the most incredibly talented artists here on the board replicate "The Helmet", and each one, as perfect as they appear to me, is met with some kind of criticism from those who think they are either qualified experts or can do better.

If you want to try and bust out another attempt at perfection, be ready. It had better be spot-on perfect to the point of exact, or somebody will offer "suggestions" to improving it from the comfort of their keyboard.

Perhaps suggesting that any existing helmet doesn't meet your exacting and stringent guidelines to perfection, will come back to bite you after your attempts are seen. I hope not. Hopefully, your scratchbuilt helmet will be the most accurate and precise copy made. At least as long as it pleases you. Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask for any help.

You've got your work cut out for you.
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