AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

chibi fett

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Hmm.. I did NOT double posts... something is a miss with my modem. Sorry for the double post.
But still, Stickied this should be! Definately!
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I've just read this thread from start to now. WOW! Your skill is superb! It's been great to see this come together, having just completed my card based helmet build. I've enjoyed reading through and seeing how you did yours and compare it to my own build.

Your ear pieces are just pure genius! They turned out really great.

Thanks for this thread. ;)


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Agreed. This is invaluable to new members or even those who have never built their own lid before. I remember when I first saw the WOW templates that they scared the c#*p out of me as I didn't know where to begin.

This thread answers all te questions I had back then.


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When you stopped posting I had a go at the dome myself, and ballsed it up. Now i can empty the crisp packets out of it and start building again :D.


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AntMan, I gotta tell ya....your step-by-step is great! I am building two scratch-builds at the same time using your tutorial and WOF templates. One for my 7 year old and one for my 3 year old. I had to scale the templates down a bit and I think I got the wrong thickness of matte board (here in the US). But I think it's "thin-ness" will be good for weight reasons and simply having to cut smaller pieces and shaping them.

Great work!!!!!


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Ok First i have to say you are a god among men i love the4 templates im printing them out as i type and as soon as i possibly can ima try my own scratch built and if you dont mind im going to see what i can do about putting this all together into a how to packet for you to give out again only if you dont mind me doing it.

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AntMan, I gotta tell ya.... Great work!!!!!
Thanks xbrotherx! Can we see some pics of your progress? You've got two lucky kids! (y)

....try my own scratch built .... putting this all together into a how to packet ... if you dont mind me doing it.

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Hey Brad! No problemo dude. In my view that's what this forum is all about. Sharing information, inspiring and helping each other whenever possible. Any suggestions or tips are very welcome! Can't wait to see your progress. (y)

And @Gypsyboy: I am still puzzled myself how I did the pic with the camera in it..... :confused :lol:

Thanks for all you positive comments so far. Right now I am working on the RF stalk and topper and will be posting the progress soon (I hope).

Be cool 8)


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Awesome i will make sure to check this out constantly and forge an epic how to manual with everything i can, can't wait to see more and more of your work and i hope to start building this weekend
being in college doesn't allow much time or money to acquire these things :(


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Hey, first off I thought I'd add to the endless flow of well deserved complements and say "WOW AntMan you are the greatest cardboard craftsman on earth" lol. Ok on to the point... I've looked around this site for a month or two, never joined an online forum, so I figured this would be the best place to ask my question... being a 14 year old and rather small fett i have had to scratch build EVERYTHING I currently have almost everything done but my DP 97 which i got years ago is now a pile of deformed vinyl, and I plan on starting my first scratch build helmet (using your tuetorial of course) but my DP is the perfect size and I don't particulary care to look like a boble-head, anyone know about/close enough how to size down the WOF templates? thx


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well... it's been ages... but I cannot possibly let this slip by me.

man, this absolutly rocks, your the best!!!

I don't know what I find more overwhelming, the fact you build one heck of a helmet out cardboard... or the fact that you work so incredibly neat. Your work is really clean, compact and spot on. You definitly take your time to create a master piece of art.

absolutly fantastique!!!
keep up the good work!!! :cheers

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Is it pretty sturdy with the bondo over it? What would happen to the helmet if you applied pressure to both sides of the bucket? Would the bondo just crack away? I need to see this thing.

Great job Ant... I've been inspired and have started making one with cardstock. Working on getting some 2mm Sintra to make one really sturdy.