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I was recently reading up on some of the Zam Stuff and noticed it seem to be general consensus that the rear panelled skirt is made by piecing leather together, however, i was reading up on the "wookiepedia" and noticed they describe the skirt as a metal skirt deisigned to help deflect blaster bolts...

any comment on this ...curious on any possiblilities in constructing this out of aluminum or sheet metal?
I think that as always, you can make it using the material you want... but the accurate way, and the one used in the movey was made of dyed leather... So, it's up to you, but if you want accuracy, aluminium is NOT the way ;)
i know, i thought it appeared to be dyed leather in the movie, but i was surprised when i saw the description of the skirt being a "metal" me thinking that maybe i should find a metal substitute?
Some clothing in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 really resemble what Zam wears, I always thought of it as some sort of deflection, but I think it'd be much less noisy if it were just leather as the canon skirt is.
Well.. perhaps in the SW Universe it is some sort of special metal designed to deflect blaster bolts... but at FIDM it was leather! ;) I think we decided it was somewhere around 5-6 oz. or perhaps 6-7 oz.
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