Zam shoes are custom made.....

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I was looking through the EP II Visual Dictionary and noticed that Zam's shoes are the exact same as young Boba, Daniel Logan, except Boba's has black material where Zam's has purple. Has anyone else noticed this?

yes. old news ;)

I asked Trisha Biggar if they were off the shelf or custom - she claims they were custom. The jury is still out on that though...

The soles are made and sold to a variety of shoe companies (including Prada) by a company called Vibram... so they could very well be custom... but i can't imagine why LFL would do this...
I was looking the shoes over and the purple part looks as if it is white leather painted purp. Anyone else think I am right? or am I totally off my rocker?
We use vibram soles for our comobat boots. That's what the shop on post uses to re-sole our boots. Could they possibly have a catalog of soles? I'll check it out if anyone wants me to.
i believe Vibram has a catalog... but making the uppers would be beyond many of our abilities (unless we have some cobblers in da house¿). And for a cobbler to make custom made uppers on a pair of Vibram soles would cost 100's of dollars (if not more). Most Zammers have settled on customizing Pradas or other close looking shoes.

White leather - YES.. i do believe that it is white - painted purple.. as is her belt and vest. White leather is easier to find than purple :)
Only wishes to remind that painted learther will crack and chip if too think and wear off if too thin. As to the shoes I still am looking for close to make for myself.
Actually I have found that LIGHT LIGHT coats of craft acrylic stays on fake leather VERY WELL. DOn't lay it on thick. Dilute it in water even so it goes on thinner. I did this to create dirt for my biker scout armor costume where I made custom white boots for my outfit for the dirt of it. It was permanent and never chipped, and that was on boots, where a lot of movement takes place.
I have a pair of womens Prada boots size 7 US,(37.5). the soul is very similar to the actual boots worn by Zam, and the rest of the boot is grey suede that has the exact type of slip elastic as Boba Fett. The shoes are used so they have slight wear spots on the bottoms of the soul, but for a costume boot, who cares. Makes it "weathered". If you are interested I would be more than happy to sell them to any takers for a well bellow prada price. I can get pics, if you are interested.
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