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I will delete this in two days, but just as a quickie...

This is Lori Frye's license plates of Garrison Tyranus.

I think it's wayyy cool. I have to get my registration renewed and can get plates at the same time. Should I get ZAM WSL like hers? or get ZAM IAM?
Why delete the thread? It's Zam related... Very cool plates by the way... Lori... very cool! :D

Anyway... if I had a cool name like "Zam I Am" I'd put it on my plates! :D :D

I've been thinking about getting personalized plates myself... something Zam related, but I can't think of anything original... *sighs* Anything else anyone can think of that would work for plates?
So is the score 1 for ZAM IAM, 0 for ZAM WSL? Or... It would be cool to have like every zammer to get ZAM WSL plates in their state. :lol: that would be freaky cool.
no need for deletion ZAI... like I PM'd ya - we, the Zam forum, have a different set of criterias than the reg. TDH side... we are a much smaller group w/ a lot less posts...

The reason for the Fett side to delete OT's - is to prevent useful threads from quickly falling off into the ether.

Anyway... I thought about getting personalized plates too... If my '71 Beetle was lime green - rather than dark blue - I might'a gotten "Koro-2" - but that would almost even be TOO obscure - even for Zam fans ;)

I'd vote for "ZamIAm" for you, Yvonne.
yay! I won't delete this thread. OOOoohh Ya know, Koro-2 is nice, or like Maulmaus how 'bout KYD-21 for the blaster! That'd be Awesome!
Wow.. The vote is 3-1 currently "ZAMIAM" is winning out... :lol:
Maulmaus - 1: 0
DCB - 1: 0
BlueRoommate- 1: 0

Zam I Ain't- 0 :1
OOOOhhh crap, I can't buy them. Too expensive! That stinks!!! I would have to pay registration $81.00, then 25.00 per year! :eek: NM, I would rather put Zam stickers on my bumper than do that. Dumb monkey tags tax. Mebbe, a Zam license plate holder? Dallas, is it possible to make a run of those ;)? Dunno, running outta cool Zam speeder ideas/mojo here...
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sure.. we can do plate holders...

I did TDH ones a while back through cafepress:


they're actually pretty decent quality.

I could change it to "rather be flying koro-2" or summin.... lemme think about it s'more on monday.

I think p-plates are like $100 here in MN... even small ones for my Vespa :facepalm

I don't know about the yearly fee though. I'll prolly do it anyway - just cause i'm an idiot :)
Ok Let me Add my vote to the ZAM IAM plate. and as to plate frames if you do one you may want to consider doing one where the bottom allowa for year and month stickers to show on the bottom. In Ga is it illeagle to have those covered and they are on the bottom of the plates here. I know some states do top and have the same laws I think.
I say save your pennies ZIA... the plate would be priceless... maybe a B-Day present from hubby? ;)

Hmmm... after spending a seeming eternity in cyber-h*ll on the Arizona MVD page... and several other "helpful" linked sites found out that It's $50 initially and $50 a year on top of the rather hefty regular fees and monkey taxes...

Then I found out someone already has "Zammer".. though "Zamming" and "Zammin" are available... as is "ZamWesll" I dunno.... maybe after the shock of the bills for the holidays are over, I'll consider it...

The license plate holder is a terrific idea though! A little more affordable in the near future! :D
I have one of TDH ones on my car and it's till in perfect shape and it's been on there well over a year.

Personalized plates in NY are something like an extra $50 bucks per year...a bit out of my price range right now. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't get hit with the fee every year....:p
Yah, vanity plates are too expensive, although in VA i think it's a one time fee, that's why it's so great for Lori. Over here they're monkey money slurpers...
I like the holder idea :D

Dustin Crops Boy wrote:

You can check online to see what's still available from the DMV¿

Yep! Thing was... that was easy to find on the DMV site. Finding out how much the vanity plates cost... that took some searching! They have listings for regular plates.. (including the formulas... value of car x rate x age x monkey tax of the day = Way too much money!). They list the specialized plates (ie. environment, child abuse prevention, veterans, etc.) - but no listing for the vanity/personalized plates... not until you go to the online order form - which really isn't a part of DMV, but a private company contracting out to do the orders... *sighs* Does that make sense?
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