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Just to let you all know that I will still frequent the tdh, but please bear with me if my responses are slow. I have had a laundry list of health concerns within the past two months and have been needing to really focus my energies on improving my health. At work, they totally banned us from using the internet so, I can't even check during lunch anymore. Don't worry, I still have everyone's interests in mind (for those that voiced their questions). Zam I Ain't and I are still working on things that we have promised to help out people with and will post as things/time become available. Just so that you all know (since many of you asked awhile back), I will be having that cataract surgery in July and August. So, lets hope that my eyeballs don't fall out and I can't see what I am typing. :wacko At cons/501st events, I haven't been able to see without my glasses. Well, they said after surgery, I should be able to see better respectively and won't need glasses. Lets hope I won't lose my ability to sculpt (and see up close). But, I may be able to get cheap blue contacts after surgury, since, my eyes won't really need a "prescription" :lol: We'll see ;) Pun intensive.
Oh ZIA... :( I'm really hoping and praying things will work out for you - especially regarding your eye surgery!

Like I told you before, everyone I know of that had that surgery, replacing the lenses, had absolutely no problems afterwards, and were able to see much better than before! So I'm sure you'll be doing much better afterwards. Please let us know how you're doing though!

And yep! We're gonna be looking for you with those blue eyes at SWC3 - to make your Zam the Ultimate Zam! :D

Best Wishes!!!
You'll be in our thoughts and prayers

And you know we appreciate all your efforts and understand .... you've gotta take care of numero uno :)
God will get me through this, but I just got diagnosed with hyperthyroid problems, possible Graves disease, and I had to cancel all my eye surgeries. So, all my surgeries have been put off. Thanks yall for being a great support group. I will be finding out this afternoon how treatment will go. I still am thinking about you all and am still making certain things happen in the Zam projects. ;)
Ohh...Yvonne :( *hugs*

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And yes, you will get through it. At least you have some answers now - which really is the hardest part sometimes.

We're here for you!
My docs are totally retarded. First they say Hyperthyroid,Graves disease, then 3 hours later they say hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s disease. :rolleyes Shozbot!
My mother suffered Hypothyroid problems which now that she is on medication (Synthroid) everything is under control. The doctors gave her this medication that caused her thyroid functions to cease so that the medication worked sufficiently. Just before she was diagnosed (Which was at the same time as her change of life) she thought she was going crazy. She had mood swings at the drop of a hat. All has been good since they took care of the problem though.
I know it is hard and never a fun thing to deal with but you seem like a very strong willed lady Zam. I am confident you will get through this with flying colors and be back to good in no time!
I will keep you in my prayers.
I go in for more tests a month from now instead of taking the meds. I told the Doc that I have no symptoms, and he said it was a mild case. He wanted to put me on meds, but I want a second lab test. I think I am perfectly normal, but we'll see. I am gonna prove them stinkers(docs) wrong. I am gonna work out everyday until they give me lab tests that show contrary to their findings. I know God is with me, so if it's not right at this moment he blesses me, I know He will soon. :D I am going to nag...I mean pray sooo much, God'll have to bless me. LOL We'll see. Here's to faith and the accomplishing the most mountainous tasks. :cheers First comes Zam, then comes health? :facepalm :lol: I will figure it out somehow :D Yous guys are so lucky that I sculpted everything before my eyes get totally :wacko. LOL
Oh btw, DON'T ask me ANYTHING about this pic. Lets just say that the Zam project still lives...
Good to see things are looking up for you lady. I know all will be ok. I have faith!
Nice Zam Ovaries!

I just wanted to say Ovarie!
Nice Ovaries! *snickers*

Seriously - they all look fantastic! Congrats to both you and Zam I Ain't on such terrific work!

BTW - you've got a good attitude about your health there ZIA! I went through a bunch of that thyroid testing after I had my daughter - the docs never did figure out what went wrong - only that something was wrong *duh!* They put me on Synthroid for a while - but eventually the tests started coming back normal once I started taking better care of myself - and I no longer needed the medicine.

We've got faith in you ZIA! *hugs*
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease at 19 years old. It's more common than you think. I've been taking Snythroid ever since with no problems or complications. They almost missed my diagnosis, until some intern caught that my thyroid was 3 times the size it was supposed to be and it nearly burst. Definately get a second opinion if your worried.
MaulMaus & E2K13~ I keep on thinking about that lucky dog commercial.. "bits and bits and more bits" :lol: Ovary bits! :facepalm

BobaFettish wrote:

We'll miss you and Jim at Dragon Con this year, but we know you'll be there with us in spirit. :)

Thanks dude! I will totally be thinking about yall. You definately have to post pics with Seeker handing over the trophy and Mango fett hoarding it. They finally have some more cool celebs going! I so wish that I could get Daniel to sign my collage pic. I told him that it would have been cool to let him see my costume but we didn't have it when I talked to him at WWEast last year. I know he's not as big a fan of costuming as Jeremy is, but heck, it was cool talking to both of them about it.

Jediteddy~ thanks for your post. I will keep your info in mind when I talk to the doc next month.
Wow~ Monday is the day that I get tested again. So, I am proud to say, as of this morning, I have lost 8 lbs and went from 141 to 133. And they said people with hypothyroid have problems losing the weight~phththt fooey-bar! I am probably fine and hopefully God will have said-Ping~ I am healed, I hope to totally prove the doc's wrong. So on Monday, pray for me guys and gals. Oh, and btw, I have been doing tai-fit work out like every other day,running once a week, fasting and prayin. I hope to lose 8 more lbs and get down to 125. The sad part is, lots of my suit may have to get revamped, good part is, I will be more leeanna sized and healthy- fit as a fiddle and able to really be kick butt in my suit ;) I think the main parts that will need more attention, is my cumberbun, and my vest. No way am I going to worry about my undersuit changing sizes. Anycow, after monday's tests, my results will come back on Friday. :D Woohoo!
Congrats on your weight loss! :D Wow! And good luck on your tests - may they come back "normal!" - You've got some doctors to prove wrong! ;) I'll keep you in my prayers! Let us know how it goes!

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