Zam Greeblie Run

carpe mindiem

New Hunter
Hi JD! Put me on the list as one for the 10-person group buy. I'm not in any hurry, so I can wait a bit to see if you can wrangle up some others for the group buy.

If that doesn't work out, I'll contact you when I can spend a few more $$ on this kit as a one-off. Thanks!

Dark Flower

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I might be interested as my greebies are A: chip horribly and I might be night back ups. BUT at the moment I can't even afford hopefully your offer JD doesn't expire :)..Awesome work btw


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first post updated! please read as this is the start of an interest thread for a group order with the discounted group pricing. They will go out for the discounted price for all that sign up on this list by the end of November. If I do not get ten people interested and paid by November 31st Then I will take the individual orders at the standard prices.
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