Zam Damage and Trooping Repairs


Jr Hunter
Hey there HothLeia,

Sorry to hear that you tripped, that sucks. I don't know where you'd get a new one, we haven't had many "runs" for official Zam parts, and yours was budget, right? Mine's elite, about 5,000 bucks so far and still counting, so my materials and my advice are probably going to cost too much, sorry.

And to the rest of the thread...

Did MORE damage this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con... huge thanks to my friends in Garrison Titan who helped patch me together long enough to last through the con. This time I ripped the zipper of the vest; I recommend you use a heavy jeans zipper or a boot zipper, NOT the small ones you get for sewing fabric at the stores. Too light for leather. Also, my ankle guards shattered in half, the old ones, so now I need to reshape the new ones to fit my not-skinny ankles and boots and then paint them up!

Also in the works, new vest, new belt, new rifle, and replacement shirt. And my arms are too muscley to fit the Zam resin-cast vanbraces, so I may make a larger set for a wider arm. That would be summer project, so don't hold your breath. Would also like a larger fiberglass helmet - this one is better for a smaller head.

Huge thanks to our new Jango from Cloud City who joined me for a purple/blue combo at the con. That was awesome.



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Thanks, SeattleZam, for your support. I'm really sorry to hear that you can't help immediatly... I was kinda hoping that I could get some help from you... I'm also sorry to hear that you Ripped the zipper to your vest and shattered your ankleguards... those might take a while to rebuild/replace. I also took another spill this week... landing hard on my elbows and knees and tearing through part of th jumpsuit. The fall also gave me roadrash on my right elbow, nothing serious, though. I'm tough... I'm fine. The costume is another story, though. Should I just sew it up or would that cost me the authenticy of the costume?


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It's encouraging to see people still posting in here. I just got a huge stack of materials to start making my Zam costume, but I'm still missing parts like vambraces, shin guards, toe & toe spikes. I need a good weekend where I"m not busy to sit down and take stock and figure out exactly what I need =/