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Hey Dallas this is sort of directed at you and I just have a big need to know. What colors are the diffeernt pieces of the Zam Costume. I know the gloves are definatly grey, but what of the rest. Also it would be nice if you noticed say liek the vest was one color and painted or soemthing to let us in on that please.
the vest is actually WHITE leather - airbrushed w/ grey's and light purps... (look at her boob darts - inside the seam you can clearly see that the leather is white)

If only i provided you with a CD chock full of pix to look at.... oh wait ;)

I think her vest may have been much more purpley in the movie - but the paint may have worn out over time - perhaps they "washed" it a bit before displaying it.... I read somewhere that they actually do "restore and refurbish" come of the pieces after they're done filming them (just a theory)...

Another example - watch the scene just after she talks to Jango - then turns away... look at her back of her vest - it's all worn out and looks LIGHTER than the rest of it.

My theory on this - perhaps this scene was filmed during her second shooting... and perhaps the back is worn - from her earlier filming of her in her ship.... the back may have worn off on the seat. Just an idea :)

So... if you want the vest to be more movie, rather than MOM, accurate - go for more airbrushed purples :)
Cool... thanks DCB!

I had noticed from your CD chock full-0-pics that the vest looked lighter on certain portions - and had wondered if it were "weathered" or "worn" or whatever they had done. Airbrushing a white/light colored vest makes it easier for me... a LOT easier! :D :D
Anybody find a site for white vests that you can just add that top flap to? I thought one of those cowgirl websites had it, but it had fringes and rhinestones on it too. stinking...
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