Zam…The great undertaking.


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i thought i had some good pictures illustrating the welt seam process...maulmaus has it down in the previous's rather simple really....I used a sweat pants pattern and cut out the leg needed....I then cut it in half, make sure your piece is bigger to allow for sewing...if you use a pattern for sweat pants and go a size bigger than she fits that should give you enough allowance.

after cutting it down the length of the leg(outside seam) and splitting it in half, then simply sew it back together with a straight stitch leaving at least 3/4" excess...then flip it over so the right side is up and using the foot measurments on the sewing machine sew another straight stitch along the first..making sure the extra material underneath is flat and under the stitch...this gives the "puffiness" to the welt....(I actually placed the side of the foot of the machine along the first stitch and used that as a guide so the welt would come out even and the second stitch would be parallel to the first.

as with all stretchy material you should always give a gentle pull back...not too much, to the material as you sew it


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Wow! I've been gone A LOONNNGGG TIME! Sorry about that! I was going to put a big chunk of change on the hard parts for zam, but a FP Cold Cast Jango helmet was offered to I've been working on my Jango for a while and trying to save up the rest of the money... And then I decided my house needed some work, so we got a new roof and added some other things to it as well....

I know excuses, excuses, excuses!

I at least need to get the soft parts finished first!

Anyone willing to do some sewing for me? Neoprene and leather parts.... I'll do all the dying myself after it's finished...

This Zam is more of a pain for me now... I let it sit on the shelf too long, now I've lost my entusiasm... I just want to get it done and over with!

Cal - you wanna sell me Kathy's Zam? :lol:


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You're talkin to the Queen of Excuses here.. ;)

Go watch EP2... look at pics of the costumes on this board. Get jealous of some of them! *Works for me! :lol: :lol: * Pull it all out and trip over it for a few days... That might help too! :D
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