Wanted: Zam Wessel hoses - lots of em!!!

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Hello people

I'm doing an ATAT pilot and am in desperate search for the correct colour, ribbed hoses. Then I just raided Becky's Zam spares box :)

The hoses are exact match!!!

So is there anyone in the US or elsewhere who's able to get the hose and ship it over to me in the UK if I pay them for their hard work? :)

There are 4 of us in UK currently doing an ATAT pilot so this would be a great help :)

Many thanks

John :)



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The ATAT pilot's have the same hoses as Zam hoses? Hmmmm... Didn't know that.

On the other hand... we aren't exactly sure what kind of hoses we need :lol: Most of us are using Hoover vacuum hoses, but they don't match up perfectly. If I remember Becky received hers from someone else as part of a "Box-o-Zam" and we were all drooling over how perfect her hoses were! ;) We never did find out what kind of hoses they were exactly. :(

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yeah i've PMd Ludo to ask him where he got them from.

I haven't seen him on these boards for yonks though (do you guys use the word 'yonks'? = long time : ) )


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What about heading over to some 501st detachment forums and ask about AT-AT Pilot hoses? This may be a found part over there that we had never expected.


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I found this picture on the armoredcavalry.net 501st detachment site of a LAWS AT-AT Driver. The hoses are 1" ID, 1 1/8" OD:


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yep that's the same stuff I'm after and the same stuff Becky has :)

Gui Gon Ludo sold me his Zam lot a year or 2 ago but I cant get back in touch with him.

Me and Becky painted ours with glue and acryllic paints to get the correct Zam colour

I've just ordered 10m of this hose here in the UK
It'll do the job, I just need to dull down the colour a bit and make it paler

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Yep will do.
I cancelled the above order and found another supplier who happens to be a fan :)
He's sending me a sample out
I need to order a minimum of 30m anyway so there'll be lots spare :)