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Unfortunately, my comp connection got fried the day before we left for D'c, so all my pics are a disorganized mess on Zam I Aint's comp, and we didn't have enuff batteries to take shots, so lotsa people emailed me. Mirax took this pic.
I thought it was a great shot of us two zam mods.
That was funny~ I pointed my blaster at all the people taking pics of me. But I promise I won't wipe out Dallas with my blaster. :D
By the way, I am so glad that so many Zammers were there. I was hoping to get a zam group shot after the dinner. But alas, no battery in the camera...grrr..
I am trudging forward to finish critiquing the costume. I will be giving a mini tutorial on all of the parts that I made last minute. Hopefully after I figure out how my server works (they changed all the protocols on webpaging) I will host loads of it on my site. Then you all can pick it apart. :D Upgrades? YES! There are zam upgrades, we're not done yet!
I Can say for a fact I meet in person for the first time atleast 5 zammers at DC this year. I would say that is a good number of us considering all things.
:lol: Jace you better watch it, you might just get a pm pile on! (As zam inserts real lazers in the blaster... and starts aiming at MaxPlague)

Zam I Am wrote:

(As zam inserts real lazers in the blaster... and starts aiming at MaxPlague) ZIA... we just wait until next year and throw one of those Kamino darts at him! ;)
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