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  1. texasbhoy

    texasbhoy New Member

    Hiya! So I'm an official member over at the Mando Mercs with a custom mando named Parjai Droten. Long story short, I am going to start building a Supertrooper costume, and figured this would be a perfect place to keep a secondary WIP. You guys are an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. On my previous non-canon build I gained so much insight just by lurking here. I figure while doing a canon build I might as well post up with the pros.

    Currently I do not have any photos, as I have just started the plans on this build. Below is the checklist I am using based on the Supertrooper CRLs for the Mando Mercs.
    This list is not as detailed as I want just yet (especially for this forum), but it should give you all an idea of where I am at and what I plan. Any input is appreciated.

    NME Props Mercenary Lid - ordered

    Flight suit
    MoW flight suit
    I had an extra from my first build that the tailor made legs and arms too short. I was planning on bleaching it out to be white. That failed miserably! It is now a translucent yellow!
    Ordered a new suit this evening.

    Neck Seal
    MoW - Ordered

    Flak Vest
    Need a new one for this build.

    MoW had some of the Pre-Production boots available - Ordered.

    Chest Armor
    RKD - Ordered
    Left Chest - Fettronics - Ordered (are electronics needed for this build?)
    Collar / Back connectors - RKD Greeblies (update planed)

    Back Armor
    RKD - Ordered

    Shoulder Armor
    RKD - Ordered

    Cod Armor
    RKD - Ordered
    Cod / Kidney connectors - RKD Greeblies (update planed)

    Kidney Armor
    RKD - Ordered

    Knee Armor
    RKD - Ordered
    Darts - RKD (update planed)

    Left Gauntlet
    RKD - Need to order

    Right Gauntlet
    RKD - Need to order

    Not sure yet...

    Ammo Belt
    MoW - ordered.
    Will need to create the wires box once I get Jetpack worked out.

    Not sure where I will get this yet

    Hip Pouches
    MoW- Included with Flight suit

    Ankle Spats
    MoW- Included with Flight suit

    Shin Tool - Sonic Beam Weapon
    Paterson Squeegee - Ordered

    Shin Tool - Anti-Security Blade
    Paterson Squeegee - Ordered
    Need to find good replicas for the Michell Engineering stylus brush

    Shin Tool- Survival Knife
    Paterson Chemical Stirrer - Ordered

    Shin Tool - Jetpack Adjustment Tool
    Need to find replica

    Replica 1:1 size Uzi - ordered
    Graflex 3-Cell Flash tube needed
    Michell mid-height arm base (inside flash tube)
    Left Side panel replica (3D Print) - printing - (update planed)
    Right Side panel need
    Rotring Sec-O-Mat - ordered
    Paterson Chemical Mixer - ordered
    Michell cone

    Sling Blaster
    Not started need everything

    Once I start getting items in, and am able to begin the build I will update this with photos and other information.
    Until then, thanks. Look forward to all the input that you all could provide.
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  2. alexrep

    alexrep New Member

    In the screen test video for the supertrooper, he makes specific note of the electronics in the left chest, so they are definitely there for the ST. Glad to see more people embracing the white fett!
  3. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    Welcome to these forums..........
  4. Battrooper

    Battrooper New Member

    Best of luck with it.

    Great to see everyone taking the easy paint option these days... lol
  5. texasbhoy

    texasbhoy New Member

    Scary necro thread. It has been over a year since I started this project.

    I originally started this build to attend a friend's wedding. He had it "themed" and all guest had to wear an all white outfit. I figured why not do a Supertrooper. I started the build and got a good way into, but no where near complete. I had a little over two months I think when I started this.

    The photo shows where I was at for the wedding (and currently still am). I know there are millions of things wrong with the build right now. I'm mainly posting up here as a way to help me keep motivation on restarting this build and to show where I am restarting from.

  6. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Good luck my friend. Supertrooper is deceptively easy, but in practice it's so tough because everything is impossible to source.
  7. 01Hawk

    01Hawk Active Member

    It is off to a good start! I have a few Supertrooper parts of you still need them.. I hate being critical of anyone’s build but the helmet looks a bit tall or something. Maybe it’s just the picture? I have a Supertrooper that I have been working on a bit if you need any help.
  8. The helmet just needs the ear caps. I looks good so far!
  9. hvacdon

    hvacdon Jr Member

    So, are you in Texas or from Texas ??
  10. texasbhoy

    texasbhoy New Member

    In Texas and from here. Moved about a bit, but been back in the Dallas area for about 12 years.
  11. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    You're not crazy, I see it too.

    texasbhoy The suit is looking off to a great start though. Supertroopers are always special.
  12. hvacdon

    hvacdon Jr Member

    Suit's Off to A Great Start !! I'm in the Dallas area...Sunnyvale

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