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Quick call for help.

The Prototype Boba Fett has a holster in the short test film and its associated still photos.

I have as good a resolution image as available for the holster used on the Kaiser Sling Gun and it looks a lot like they just used black gaffer/duck tape to tape the blaster to the belt(s).

I want to make something a little more usable and was wondering if anyone had any ideas , and would also like a opinion as to if the Kaiser shoulder stock sling was re-purposed as the holster belt.

Thanks for any help FMF
Hit up 01Hawk!
He's on Instagram: Flamer Fett
Already have , he's a good friend and a great soundboard on all thing prototype. To my surprise its a costume element he's not tackled of yet.

I have started some debate in the facebook groups, more eyes on the pictures and getting my own opinion peer reviewed.

It's almost certain that the sling gun has the Kaiser stock sling/strap black gaffer taped to the pistol grip section of the blaster and used as a drop loop. More of a shock revelation is that the "belt" may well be just a strip of black gaffer tape that only runs from the left hip under the ammo belt to the right bullock on the flight suit! It doesn't even pass fully around the body.

The plan at this point it to make a complete loop of seatbelt webbing ( same as the jetpack harness ) that'll reach from left hip to right thigh, use the Kaiser strap as a drop loop and rig a functional holster from leather strips of black gaffer tape stuck to some plastic or aluminium so the blaster can actually be drawn and the rig won't just fall off
Yeah I would agree it's seatbelt webbing just thrown together to make a makeshift holster. Lazy bums!
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