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Hey all,

A long time ago I threw out the idea of making a Supertrooper Cape Resource based on the cape (towel) I purchased.

I have started that, and I will add to it. I'm a bit busy so I don't know how long it will take to completely redraw the cape in vector but let me put this out here for now.

I photographed, edited (scaling, dewarping, cleaned up, etc) the cape and now it can be used as a resource. I made it 1:1 so it's a large image. I will try to take closeup photos and do a collage that's higher res down the road. That'll take some time.

All uncompressed resources will be here: Boba_Fett-Supertrooper-Cape.jpg


There appears to be two styles out there.

Style 1:
There is mine which was printed with a blue shading for the Jawa shadows instead of a darker red. This was printed on a towel with frayed edges. The frayed edge matches Supertrooper photos. It's hard to say if the colors matches because the images from the cape were stills from b/w video so color doesn't show.

Photo of mine:

Someone else:

Photo of super trooper:

Photo of cape/ towel design in B/W:

This angle shows the darker color slightly, feels like the darker blue based on how dark it is:


Style 2:
Then there is the other which had dark red and a folded edge. This is seen a lot on the internet as well and the coloring matches the HotToys statue but that could have been designer issue from matching google photos they found. So not 100% sure what the actual Supertrooper colors looked like but seeing how my frayed edges matches their frayed edges I would say mine is the correct one.

Darker red shadows:


Not uncommon for a print shop to do inks different if the towel was printed at different times or from different print shops.


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Wow wow wow. I thought I had this thing. Was bidding on the design 2 of the towel on eBay. Was at $220 and I threw out a hail mary $500 with 10 seconds left and was instant outbid at $590. So whomever had that high bid must have had a $700 bid or higher.

A work of art that thing was.

Here are the auction photos for archive reasons. Shows the original tag/ price.
I saw that and wrote him but unfortunately he didn´t ship out of conus. ;-)
But if there is a chance for getting this real, i am in for that!
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