S1P's Templates and Drawings

Hey all! First I would like to say, that I could not have done a lot of this without key members on this forum. The majority of the facts and designs come from you members with stickies and such. Thanks for all your hard work and painstaking research.

The items below are my adaptations to suit my needs during my ROTJ build. Some things I could NOT find in the stickies or maybe I just missed them so I am just going to dump all I have done in this thread for any possible newcomers to use or for others that want to modify their current rig. As I am still building my costume, any and all templates or drawings I create, will be dumped into this thread.


Cape Printable PDF Templates

This template is purely from the ROTJ Hero CRL image. I recommend that you look at the original CRL image while following this template as it has some shadows that are NOT holes. The template is in 2 different formats at the bottom: A4 and US Letter
Sample images:

Ammo Pouch Templates
1. Block Method

These templates are to scale and printable. These are based off of BatNinja's Tutorial on the ammo belt. I slightly modified the angles. This is for the woodblock method. The PDF templates for this are at the bottom and are: AmmoPouchBlock and SkinBlockTemplate
2. Container Method
These templates are for use with my container method. This method offers the use of all pouches on the belt and ensures rigidity so the pouches will keep their shape. These pouches are indestructible, light weight and usable. If interested in this method, PM me as I will probably have the containers for sale. Template is SkinBlockTemplate

Dive Rig (Jetpack Harness) Metal Parts No Buckle or Rings
If you want to tackle this harness, you will need some specialized tools. These are the drawings and images for my design. This is based off of RafalFett's drawing in his sticky thread and modified for American Standard measurements.
A. Gussets
1. Lower Gusset

2. Middle Gusset
3. Upper Gusset
B. Lower Bridge
C. Frame
D. Hook Bar
Complete Frame Assembly

Sheet Metal Armor Templates
There are printable templates here for making sheet metal armor. These can be cut out with metal shears but your hands will be hurting! A challenge that is not for the faint of heart. If anyone wants the .dxf files, just PM me. The tabs along the outer edge are hems in order to make the armor look thicker and soften the edges so that it is actually wearable without cutting into your flight vest. A welder is definitely necessary for closing up the edges. I suppose you could use these templates for some other materials as well. The template is in US Letter format and A4. Files are: USLETTERARMOR & ARMORPLATETEMPLATEA4

More to Come as the Build Progresses


  • SkinContainerTemplate.PDF
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  • SkinBlockTemplate.PDF
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  • ROTJCapeTemplateUSLetter.pdf
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  • ROTJCapeTemplateA4.pdf
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  • AmmoPouchBlock.PDF
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  • diveframe.PDF
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  • FrameAssembly.PDF
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  • HookBar.PDF
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  • lowerbridge.PDF
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  • lowergusset.PDF
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  • middle gusset.PDF
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  • uppergusset.PDF
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  • Return of the Jedi Cape Tutorial.pdf
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There's a ROTJ cape template tutorial made by Art Andrews a long time ago (PDF in attachment).

For the ammo pouches there are 2 really great threads made by StrumFett, but sadly never finalized here ==> Ammo Belt - Tutorial : Ammo Belts V2 (with RafalFett templates) and here ==> WIP Ammo pouches fully functionnal.

But nonetheless, these look great. Keep up the great work!
Thanks Rafal. Yes I know about Art's tut. I used it last night to make my cape dimensionally correct. The reason I made the template was because there isn't a printable version to accurately copy the cape on the CRL for ROTJ holes and tears. Now it's printable and can be used for accurate tear and hole placement.

I have also seen the Ammo belt tutorials you listed. I preferred a more indestructible pouch which is why I came up with this design and requires almost no work to make the box. Also, I never saw a to scale printable template so I made one for myself to use and want to share with others :)

I appreciate your work and encouragement!
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