Superjedi's PP1 Eyes for Tennantlim

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Helmet' started by superjedi, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Thanks, guys! Got a pretty good update today. . .

    I finished up the cheeks and have laid down the red. :D

    But I know you're not really here for the words. You want pics! Always with the pics. . . lol
    Here are a couple of front angles.

    The red reads a little vibrant in these shots. Once the helmet is complete I'll put up my usual gallery of shots using my lightbox,
    so things will look more like they do by eye.

    Here's the rear.

    I'll begin the damage on the red areas tomorrow.
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  2. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    More work on the red areas--the rear half of the band is finished.
    Here are a couple of angles.



    I'm going to be starting on the front half this afternoon. :D
  3. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    Amazing work!
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  4. Ghostphoenix01

    Ghostphoenix01 Jr Member

    That just looks BA that's all there is to say!!
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  5. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Thanks, guys! I kind of forgot to take pics during the final stages, lol. But the helmet is done now. :D
    Here's a gallery of final pics.






    It was excellent to do another PP1! I've always been a Pre-Pro fan and it's very satisfying to have another one out in the wild. Thanks to everyone who followed along, and to Tennantlim for trusting me with his helmet! Hope you enjoy having it in your collection.
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  6. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    This is going to be my second Fett helmet, with a third one in the works, and what a beauty it is! Thank you so much for the constant updates and for producing such an amazing looking helmet. I look forward to receiving it soon!
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  7. Jesster

    Jesster Member

    Congrats SJ! Looks awesome!
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  8. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    Looks fantastic SJ another work of art.
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  9. Got2bfett

    Got2bfett Member

    Top end work as always.
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  10. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    wow noice
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  11. robotzo

    robotzo Jr Member

    Love it!
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  12. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    Some of you don't seem convinced enough so here are more photos from me!


    In all seriousness, the combination of Nino's remarkably sharp casts and Eric's crazy awesome paintwork makes this helmet an absolutely priceless addition to my budding collection.
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  13. Somerset

    Somerset New Member

    Looks awesome! Nice to see something a little different :) Can we see it next to it's brethren helmet(s)?
  14. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Wow! Actual good photographs, lol. Wish I could get shots that nice with my set-up. . .
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  15. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    Here you go. Left is V3 ROTJ SE from Bobamaker. A ROTJ from AFettFullofDollars is currently in the works.
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  16. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    Thanks! My set up is actually incredibly simple; black paper background, a large reflector and sunlight. I shoot with a Nikon D800E and 50mm f/1.8, then processed through Lightroom.
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  17. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Beautiful collection!

    Can't wait to see the set up once you get your ROTJ!
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  18. SingaFett

    SingaFett New Member

    Wow ... you are really on a Bucket spree Tennant! Love Eric's work and your photography is pretty impressive, I can't believe it's just with black paper background, thought it would have been a lightbox kind of set up. Looking forward to see your new ROTJ bucket!
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  19. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    Thanks guys. You should see Eric's collection. That was the motivating factor for me to start on mine.
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