Superjedi's PP1 Eyes for Tennantlim


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Hi all!
Been a little while since I've started a thread, lol.
I'm just beginning a new project for member Tennantlim. This is going to be a Pre-Pro 1 "Eyes" version.
The kit is a dentless FPH2 from Wasteland/Wasted Fett.

I've gotten the prep done and have gotten the helmet and a couple of the accessories primed. In these pics, I have added some Bondo in a couple of spots to fill some small nicks.


Here's a closer look at the accessories. These include some nice resin ears, a solid aluminum stalk, and a resin MQ-1 board. Not pictured in the welding visor I'll be installing.


I'll sand those 2 spots, hit it with another light coat of primer, then start on the color coats.
This will be the first PP1 I've done since I did my own a few years back. So I'm looking forward to revisiting it!
Much more to come.


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Are you up to the task?

The PP1 requires the deepest commitment...the most serious mind!

...and a bottle of CNW Green.


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First colors are on. I airbrushed the keyslot area with Polly Scale Earth late yesterday.
Today I masked it off and laid down the base color on the rear panels. I'm using Polly Scale US Intermediate Blue.


I'll let this dry overnight, then I'll begin stenciling and masking so I can apply the dark green.


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Slow progress during the week, but I've stenciled the rear panels and applied my Winsor & Newton masking fluid.
The masked areas appear darker and a little shiny in these pics.



Tomorrow I should have time to airbrush the dark green parts. :D


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So much popcorn! Make sure to drink lots of water. :D

The rear panels are finished, and I've laid down the base coat on the dome and cheeks. This is just the first pass.
I'll add a darker weathering shade next.



After the weathering pass is finished, I'll begin the damage on the dome. That's the fun part!


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Thanks! Got quite a bit done since yesterday, so here we go with the pics.

I did the darkening/weathering pass on the dome and cheeks and began the damage.
First of all. . . the eyes! Do you ever have the feeling that you're being watched??? :p


I've actually completed all of the damage on the dome, and you can see some of the detail in the above image.
Here are a few more angles showing different areas of the dome.



The "gouge" above the left eye was done with a triangular-shaped jewelers file.


There's not a whole lot of damage on the rear parts of the dome on the PP1.
Next up will be blocking in the dark outer cheeks, then doing the cheek damage.


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Wow that is a lot of progress in less than a week! You, sir, are remarkably awesome. I am so looking forward to this baby.