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  • Hey brotha, I'm in need of a RF topper with the tilt switch light unit, and JB sent me your way. Do you some have available?
    Sorry, I'm having errors with the PM.

    Here’s my info:
    -D’Angelo Stepanoff
    -11600 NE 41st avenue, Vancouver, WA 98686
    -TDH Screen Name: DStep
    -Products being ordered: ROTJ FPH2 helmet kit with Coldcast ear pieces
    Hello, I would like to order the ROTJ helmet kit and will pay the additional cost for the cold cast ear pieces.

    TDH name: GalaxyFarAway
    Email: salemma @aol.com

    Thanks. Bob
    Hi New member. I would like 1 of your FPH2 ESB helmets. Do you have any available kokkari37@gmail.com
    Howz'it?! I am in Vegas as well. I'm just starting to lurk the threads here. Been on RPF for forever. Seriously considering making some armor. Is there a local group here? 501st, Mandalorian Mercs? I'm just putting feelers out, looking for the right people to connect with as I put my toes in the water before paddling out into deep waters. Any advice or convo is welcome.
    Can you send info for painted and unpainted and lead times for Armor Helmet Gauntlets etc - ESB Boba Fett.
    I have a personal email account info@simondorn.com
    Hi New member. I would like 1 of your FPH2 ESB helmets. Do you have any ready to ship? Thanks Steve darksteve1965@yahoo.com
    FPH2 ESB Prototype helmets in Gelcoat/Fiberglass
    Interested in your helmet.
    What is the estimated delivery time and shipping costs to The Netherlands?
    Tnxx for your effort
    Ok guys I’m moving so all orders after today will be on the back burner until I finish packing / unpacking.
    I was wondering if you could make a jetpack exhaust vent, Rocket and Collar, and both thrusters. And what the cost would be to ship to AZ.
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