Superjedi's FPH2 for Soulscythe86


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Obviously these are recycled photos. They’re the same ones from 2010, 2012, 2013, etc...

They’re all the same!!! Wake up, sheeple!!

Kidding. Looks incredible, as always. Champion work all around.


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Got some color on the ears.

20190904_155432.jpg 20190904_155415.jpg


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Visor time!
I cut visors for my commissions from polypropylene welding shields. These are a dark smoke gray color, and they're lighter and more flexible than formed acrylic. Here's a shield as I receive it.


I have some visor templates that I've made to fit the various types of helmets. To cut the visor, I lay the template onto the welding shield.


I mark around the template with a silver Sharpie.


A few minutes with some tin snips gets me a nice custom fitted visor.


I'll mount the visor later today, and this helmet will be finished! (y) :)


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And here it is... ESB helmet number 37!

20190916_193927.jpg 20190916_193739.jpg

This was a lot of fun to work on. It's really satisfying to get things to this point.

20190916_194035.jpg 20190916_194343.jpg

As always, I'm a little sad that I have to pack it up and send it out, but I know it's going to a good home! ;)

20190916_193840.jpg 20190916_194129.jpg

Thanks for following along again, and I should be starting a new one in a few weeks.