Superjedi's FPH2 for Soulscythe86


Sr Hunter
Got the keyslot area done this afternoon.



Sr Hunter
Thanks very much! Having fun painting it for you. (y)

Getting a lot done this weekend. Here's the left mandible.


I also added the white thumbprints.


Another odd feature is the "tape damage" below the killstripes. In these shots you can see that it's pretty subtle until the light hits it at certain angles.

20190901_070535.jpg 20190901_070554.jpg 20190901_070613.jpg

The right mandible will be next!


New Hunter
I know right! The amount of detail is mind blowing. Ever since I saw superjedi build up one for Nemesis back in 2015 I knew two things. One, I wanted a FPH2 and two, I wanted superjedi to paint and assemble it. This is my first real helmet, I’ve only had rubies and a Don Post vinyl in the past, and I followed my decision to the letter. Man let me tell you, patience pays off!


Sr Hunter
Thanks guys! It's creeping closer to the finish line. (y) :)

I got the pale contrasting gray on this afternoon. There's a lot of it concentrated on the right rear panel, but there's also some on the left rear panel, the red band, the dent, and down the curve of the right mandible.

20190903_171652.jpg 20190903_171637.jpg 20190903_171858.jpg 20190903_171707.jpg