Superjedi's FPH2 for Soulscythe86


Sr Hunter
Hi all you Fett heads!
Back with another ESB helmet build for member Soulscythe86. This is an FPH2 kit from Wasted Fett. It's the usual great quality, with resin accessories. Here's the kit as received a couple of days ago.


There's even a cool Wasted Fett Fan Club sticker! I think it'll look great here...


Well... maybe.

I got the prep finished earlier. All the drilling and cutting with my Dremel and a couple other implements of destruction. So here's how it's looking now.

20190803_130322.jpg 20190803_130339.jpg

Also added some small machine screws to the ears, and added 3 rare Earth magnets to the ear cap parts.

20190803_130353.jpg 20190803_130409.jpg 20190803_130424.jpg

The magnets are 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch, but they're really strong!

Next up I'll be giving everything a shot of primer.


Sr Hunter
I've used 1/4 inch diameter magnets before but that's overkill, lol.
These are plenty strong to hold the ear cap securely and it's much easier to drill the holes.


Sr Hunter
I decided not to leave the helmet in primer. Oh well. :p
I airbrushed the beige shade on the rear panels. Once it's dry I'll stencil the damage and lay down the dark green.



Sr Hunter
Whew! The big scrape. This area is really dense with detail and I use a size 20/0 liner brush to make the little chips and scratches.

20190811_070905.jpg 20190811_070845.jpg

I'll work on the rest of the panel today.