Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for JM

Thanks, Luke!

I threw a color coat on the RF ear parts before diving into the red.

Here's the crazy upper part of the right mandible. Whew!
As per usual, I'm including a collage showing the detail being built up using the topical technique.

20230715_151712.jpg 20230715_151610.jpg
Well, helmet number 69 is finished!
The FPH2 builds up into a great looking ESB lid. This one came with resin ears and RF topper, an aluminum RF stalk, and an aluminum Borden.
Here's the final gallery, and as always, thanks for following along with the build! If you aren't already aware, you can also follow my builds on Instagram @the_real_superjedi

20230722_164652.jpg 20230722_164020.jpg 20230722_164150.jpg
20230722_164558.jpg 20230722_164238.jpg
20230722_164514.jpg 20230722_164416.jpg 20230722_164329.jpg
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