Superjedi's Animefan Budget for MB

I got the base color down on the other ear.

The remainder of the weathering went pretty quick, and the helmet is finished!
The RF is temp installed as the owner is going to install lights.
To recap, this was a resin Animefan Budget kit which was molded with the ears on (except for the RF ear cap). The RF stalk was done in cold cast resin.
These helmets are becoming more and more rare these days and I had a lot of fun working on it! Here are the final pics.

20230429_182713.jpg 20230429_182050.jpg 20230429_182140.jpg

20230429_182517.jpg 20230429_182425.jpg 20230429_182328.jpg

20230429_182616.jpg 20230429_182233.jpg
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