Superjedi's Animefan Budget for MB


Sr Hunter
It's been a few weeks but we're starting ESB number 67! This one is an old Animefan "Budget" helmet kit. You sure don't see these very often anymore. I don't think the owner is a member here.
It's a resin helmet with resin accessories, including the RF ear cap, Borden piece, and a cold cast stalk. The circuit board is molded in behind the keyslots, and the owner sent it to me already prepped.
It might be vintage but it'll still build into a great looking ESB lid!

20230322_181110.jpg 20230322_181044.jpg
I stenciled and masked the back panels, then airbrushed the dark green color. I'll do a little bit of tweaking on some of the shapes and add the smaller details.

20230325_113501.jpg 20230325_113436.jpg
This thing still isn't done? You're losing your touch, old man.
Seriously, it amazes me how fast you do this. I guess I shouldn't be beating myself up about speed when I still don't know what I'm doing. I guess that's just what happens when you've been in this business for years like you have.
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