So this just happened...


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HELMET BROKEN.JPEG I was working on putting the lens on and this happened. After shouting and drinking a few beers I have calmed down. What can I do??
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Does the piece fit neatly? Some glue and then filler on the inside should fix it up. Not sure how it'll affect mounting your visor though.


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best way to fix it is to glue or epoxy it. Then grind into the crack line a bit to make s small trough, and use a filler to fair it in. That sucks man....


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That is a bummer bro. Well, you can mod it into an extreme battle damaged version...
(The broken helmet)


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two part epoxy glue. Time consuming but absolutely permanent.

Feel for you brother but nothing is undoable. You'll do it!

Good luck.

I use UHU 2 part epoxy but there are many out there.


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At this point adter months and months of work I am done with it. I have never been so gutted. It's on ebay if anyone wants it for cheap.


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It can be salvaged. Try two part epoxy to join the pieces and reniforce the inside with a few layers of fiberglass resin and fiberglass mat. Then try glazing putty to smooth the seam on the exterior.

Give it a few days to think about it, you've gone to far to quit.

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Dont sell it man, its an easy fix. take up Mugatu's offer and have him fix it for you. Ive seen much worse damage get fixed up!