Should I repaint my armor. (pics)


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What do you think should I repaint my armor or what, I think it is too green and the logo is oversized.


I´m waiting for Floquil us med green wich I found on an online store.

Be honest in your opinion.
Well, if you want honesty...

The armor is the perfect color.
The decal is wrong - should be a red circle that looks like a dragon.
The shoulder bells should be a deep orange color.
The mandibles should be orange as well.
The helmet shouldn't have a dent.

You meant to do a Jodo Kast outfit right? :love

p.s. Webchief is dead on - great looking armor.
I try for funny but most times it just comes across as jerk.

On a helpful note, are you going for ESB or ROTJ? I'm not sure if that affects armor color or not.

Jodo Kast - a misunderstood fool! :cry
I just got my floquil us med green paint today. So I will repaint my armor soon. Could someone tell me the lengt of the feather in the logo top to bottom and the diameter of the ring.

Thanks guys.
I got some sintra sheets from a supplier here in Iceland. It measures 1,5 x 3 meters (about 118,5 inch x 59 inch).

Thats big I had to cut them down to 3, 1 meter wide sheets to be able to fit them in my car.

I´m thinking about making a new one, saves me the trouble of sanding down the old one plus I can try to make a more accurate one instead.

Anyone need a part made for them I have enough sintra.

One question, how do you make the little square in the diamond.

mobius wrote:

...One question, how do you make the little square in the diamond...

mmm maybe two ways
Cut the center square, the put in the back of the diamond a piece a lil more big than the cuted and voila
you always can use a dremel tool :)
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