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    This project has been sitting on the shelf for over 2 years now & finally getting going on it. My wife decided that she wanted a Shae Vizla costume. At the time I was looking to see what was involved in getting this moving Mynock came up with a helmet which I got in on his run. Absolutely a gorgeous helmet. So this has been sitting on sidelines since & after being selfish & finishing up another kit for myself it is now my wife's turn to get a Mando kit. In that time I have been able to improve some skills which will help this build & have a pretty good plan to execute this challenging build. This build will be heavily 3D designed & have a large portion of it 3D printed. There will be some pep work done for some of the pieces.
    12485271628816365168_zpsjshhtxpq.jpg bh-statue_zpsigcvwuyr.jpg
    As stated the helmet is from Mynock.
    20160701_194441_zpspkvuao0n.jpg 20160701_194506_zps9kpxwxrk.jpg 20160701_194528_zpshgaejjb1.jpg 20160701_194608_zpszfmbp2qu.jpg 20160701_194645_zpswy5grffe.jpg 20160701_194707_zpsguhxsabx.jpg
    I have started working on the armor. I plan on going the route of 3D printing & possibly pep mix. Starting with the chest, which is a tough piece to say the least due to all the angles & sections. Hard to nail it down from photos but think I got it pretty close. Plus this is designed around my wife, she isn't exactly 6 foot & thin as a rail so the proportions had to be modded more for her physique. A couple of renders from the design of the chest armor & back plate. I plan on 3D printing these 2 pieces so in order to verify fits I created a pep file & made both pieces to test fit to my wife. This is an extra step but I did find that I needed to tweak some parts of each.
    I have designed the gauntlets up in 3D & they will be 3D printed. These will be printed as upper, lower, & rocket,all as 1 piece each. The display control that goes on the bottom of the left gauntlet will need to be designed then these are complete. I may have some minor tweeks but pretty much ready to print. The upper & lower halves will hinge & they will interlock through the middle. I will be adding a decorative strap around the middle of the lower halves.
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    Thank you. This has costume has only been done maybe 5 times. Most of my progress initially will be the designing of the parts & pieces. I am doing my fabrication in a virtual world & with 3D printing most of it will be able to hold the fine details of this costume.

    Designed the control panel that is on the underside of the left gauntlet. This is completely hollow with access to the inside. There are 2 lenses that will be 3D printed in a transparent plastic where the displays are that I am planning on illuminating from behind with a combination of LED's & EL lights. This is a separated piece from the lower shell & will be attached with a couple of screws. There are 2 bosses on the bottom that will be recessed into the lower shell to locate it & secure it.
    SV_Lower_Left_Gauntlet_Remote_01_zpsu8nyiaxn.jpg SV_Lower_Left_Gauntlet_Remote_03_zps1pdx6hrg.jpg
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    Keeping with the arm them designed the hand plates. These will have elastic bands that wrap around the hands. These are hollow with the front portion open. There are slot in the bottom that the straps will go through.
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    Thank you TheRushingRhino, I have had to take a break from this project due to other life commitments but plan on picking up on it again here soon.
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