Other Bounty Hunter Sabine Wren S3 WIP


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I built Sabine in 2015 (pretty much a year ago!) but was also pregnant with Miss B so knew it would be hard to complete and get approved before I could not longer fit the kit :p
I managed to get her 90% complete/happy with and RL approved before I could no longer fit her well.
Since then Miss B has arrived, CEVI teased us with new characters and costumes and Sabine is now getting a makeover!
Ordered the gauntlets through TMA and looking forward to see if David will be able to pull out a jetpack later in the year and am currently updating the paint on existing plates and looking at the second ammo belt/bandolier shin belts. Also will scratch build some shins to fit in with the existing boot & knee plates. I'm not great with wigs but have an amazing hair dresser who loves to see which costume I'm doing next :p



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Very nice so far. Can't wait to see it finished. Didn't even know Sabine was getting a jetpack either, but that's cool.

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She needs one after the other day!

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Also I made a 3/4 scale JP that would be perfect for this....I might be able to get casts not sure on that since there isn't many Ladies who rock jetpacks like that... its Boba Style.


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small bucket.jpg
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So I'm a bit useless at getting time in front of the pc - miss b (5 1/2 months old now) prefers I entertain her most days :p
but I manage to get a bit of stuff done in between naps and feeds - new shirt is completed, bucket is repainted, gauntlets are next then its the shnees!