Custom Mandalorian Mandalorian Protector WIP


Mandalorian Protector​

Going to make this my centralized page for this. I started and finished the helmet on another thread which lead me to want to build a full kit.
Next up is some armor! A friend of mine had some extra plates laying around so going to use them for this kit.
They were previously painted, but with my sanding, bondo and priming was able to hide that.

Next up painted it with silver, orange and the grey.

Just need to hit it with the green and they’ll pretty much be done! I also primed some other pieces and began sanding on them.

If anyone got any good advice on building the PP2 flamethrower I’m all ears! I would like to create one very similar to it on this kit as well.
Did some more work to the plates and can call them almost finished!

Only thing left on them is to add an emblem on the left plate. I have an idea but nothing set in stone yet.
Here is a quick little update. More to come very soon!
(When I get around to taking pictures lol)



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Recently got around to dying my flightsuit and painting up a few other pieces.
Here is the flightsuit.

Also finished a knee. Just did a basic paint job on it with some silver and orange just need to weather it now.

Lastly my gauntlets these just need to be weathered, hoses attached and the left one still needs a flamethrower, but need to go buy some hardware.


Finished paint job with a shoulder I just did recently too.


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Tried on some of what I’ve finished so far. Need to adjust some of it still and also the collar looks funny due to not having a back plate attached yet. Still need to glue Velcro to the knees but will update that soon! Also want to get the iron heart that’s more shaped for this style of armor, so will have to find an extra somewhere.
Did a bit of weathering to the armor. I used black 33 really like the look it gives it now.

Also tried my hand at adding the pre pro bird skull to the right shoulder, but I didn’t wait long enough for the white to cure. Going to have to remask it and the bird to re do the white.

Also I got my orange in the mail so was apply to finish that layer on my back plate. My kidney plate is near finished aswell just need to weather it and drill some holes so I can attach it to my cod piece.

Lastly stating to work on a flamethrower for my left gauntlet. Just need to find a few more pieces for it and buy some brackets to mount it.
Happy New Year everyone! Finished up a couple things I was working on last year. First off I weathered the bird shoulder a bit more so that I didn’t have to do any repainting to it. Used 220 grit to peel off some of that white.

Also finished up on my back plate and put a clear coat over it sense it will be getting beat up once I get my jetpack finished.

Also started working on the flamethrower by making some clips. I didn’t like how they turned out so going to make some more out of sheet metal next. Still need to epoxy the stuff to the rod and find some brass fitting for it.

Lastly picked up a switch for the jetpack that I’m gonna use to control some of the lights.
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