Custom Mandalorian Mandalorian Protector WIP

wow! I still don't understand how people like you can do all this, i'm still having a hard time making my first bucket!
Thanks man just takes patience!

This time around I didn’t make to much progress just added some lights and started priming my jetpack.

I added a light to the left and right gauntlet both are functional from switches

The right one I stole the idea straight from the ESB gauntlet on how they used the light in theirs. Rather mine is a switch I took from an old PSU from a computer and a random white light.

With left one it i s the same type red light used on that gauntlet for boba but on the opposite side.

Also started priming my jetpack will have to do a bit more sanding and want to add a few more geerblies and electronics to it.

Also possible going to make a poncho and or cape. I got enough material for both so I may keep both for whenever one or the other is needed.
The poncho currently just has a hole cut into the middle, need to decide if I wanna cut it smaller or not.

For the one I’d use as a cape I like the size it is currently just need to do a some weathering to it.
Only made some small progress this week. My flamethrower is starting to take shape I just need to make the clips for it now and then a method for attaching the hose and it should be done after some weathering.

I also added some replica dental files to the back of my keyslots. The back looked like it was missing something in my opinion before adding those. I just need to do a bit of weathering back there again so I can dull down their brightness.
Hey everyone here is a quick update on some of things I got going on for this build.
So far I finished up the left gauntlet only some minor tweaks I want to make. Like changing the Phillips head to a flat head screw for example.

Also recently finished up filling and sanding a custom sling gun I got printed so now just have to lay some silver on it and then paint.

Plus added some switches to my jetpack.

Lastly I’m finishing up sewing Velcro to the suit for my knees.
Hey everyone been awhile but here is a bit of an update on the kit!

Firstly I got a new diamond and painted it up. Changed the green so it’s a bit off from the rest of the armor too but not very noticeable.

Next I did a lot of weathering with black and colored in a switch on my left gauntlet.

Well lastly took some photos in the kit to see how I need to adjust the armor. Still working on the knees so that’s why they look so weird being held onto the suit currently.
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