Jodo Kast The Notorious Jodo Kast: Reapwind WIP


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Reap, any progress? :)
Sorry for the mega delayed response, unfortunately no progress only setbacks, I recently unpacked my kit to find the paint has cracked across the chest plates, I've surmised that its due to storage and the temperature of where I kept it, so looking like I will need to repaint them all.
Additionally will be doing the back plate as it doesn't sit right as well as also paint issues.

Gauntlets were fine if not a little bulky, but a friend of mine has offered to replace them with lighter 3D printed ones, so how could I refuse ;D
Here is what we have done so far:

Left Gauntlet minus missiles that will be transferred from old gauntlet

Right gauntlet

Source material for the change to right gauntlet

As well as the ones for the change of connectors

And the connectors with piping

I'm planning on using that locate on the nodes protruding from the back of gauntlets, the pipes are silicone lighter and more flexible than braided so shouldn't hinder movement.

Hope everything looks satisfactory and hope to bring progress in next post.


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Without any objections and only encouragement I got them printed and taped together:D



Now back to sanding, filling, repeat :p


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So, turns out when you add a harness into the equation it really throws out your plates and reshaping seriously blisters the paintwork, so..... scrap collar and back plate, remake and strip back paint off remaining chest plates, this kit seems to want to test me *sigh*

Without Jet Pack


With jet pack



Harness blocks to cover holes still need to be made and the strapping was adjusted while wearing it and caused gathering around the holes.

I also seem to have developed a lean to the left somehow :rolleyes:


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Been a while with this RF but we think we got it licked, the original wireless light and servo parts were too bulky and couldn't fit head in with all the tech, so all that had to go and a friend built a more streamlined version ;D

Here it is before we added the controller into the gauntlet music is there to drown out background noise :


And here it is after, leaning back to balance lid:


Mythos Fenn

Incredible work and that blaster is top notch. Looks like it came right off of the page. Keep it up and I look forward to the finished product!!!