Boba Fett Shadows of the Empire Helmet


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Anyone know of some good reference examples of what a Shadows of the Empire Boba Fett helmet should look like? I was hoping to mod a black series ESB helmet for display and wanted to know what I need to change paint scheme wise. Particularly interested to know what colors to use for the turn signals.



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I’m not quite sure what you’re looking to replicate. Do you have some reference images from a Shadows Of Empire comic or video game? All I can say is that it looks like they referenced one of the Pre-production outfits with the red + yellow gauntlets.



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Probably the best ref, from the magazine cover talking about it. They used the Pre Pro 2 as a reference but, obviously not all the way



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Rewind to December 3rd 1996. I picked up that Nintendo 64 game of "Shadows of the Empire". The only reason to get that N64 game was for that first Hoth Level, which I played repeatedly, hahaha! The rest of the game I thought was kinda - Meh. Only reason I played through that entire campaign was for the story line which I thought was super interesting. Not too long after that games release they come out with figures and vehicles from that expanded universe. I picked up and still have these.....
Dash Rendar and the Outrider.jpg

Also I had heard that the Outrider can be seen in Episode IV's Special Edition. And I always thought this was it, can anyone confirm?
Outrider in Star Wars Episode IV SE.jpg

Sorry, I didn't mean to dreail this thread - hehe!

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