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Discussion in 'Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters' started by Muni, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Muni

    Muni New Member

    Hello everybody!

    I'm searching for build a Rav Bralor for me, and I would like to look good.

    I do not want to look like a big-headed doll and I know there are many types of helmets but my eyes still do not get used to recognizing them. Please help me.


    What helmet style (and seller/propsmaker) could you recommend me?

    My head size is 53 cm (perimeter)
    my height is 159 cm
    weight 47 kg. and usually wear size S or M

    I hope this helps you or can help you to says me where search.

    Thanks in advance

    Sincerelly, Eva
  2. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    You're going to want to probably go with a Screen-cast Jango helmet as the base for this. Both because it'll be sized better for you and it's an excellent "base" mando helmet. There's a local girl who was looking to do this costume as well, but she's tiny and comparing sizes between my BKBT and the screen cast for my girlfriend's Jango build, it's obvious the Jango appears more suitable. For the kit, I'd reach out to Animefan here on the forums, as he's got those kits.
  3. Muni

    Muni New Member

    Thanks a lot for the response!!

    Some people have recommended for my size Jango Rubies 1 piece. I found it in a store in my country and it arrives in a few days.
    I know that I need to remodel several things so that it have an acceptable appearance, like cutting and putting a new visor.

    I will ask to Animefan if the rubies helmet turns out to be too seedy
  4. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    I'll tell you that Rubies is not exactly going to lead you to a satisfying build. The inadequacy of the Rubies helmet is what led me to getting into this hobby in the first place
  5. Muni

    Muni New Member

    I'm PM to Animefan now!
  6. Muni

    Muni New Member

    No has any response from animefan. Maybe have another contact method?
  7. TK50175

    TK50175 Member

    Sometimes you need to do it twice or just wait longer. Took me some time to get in contact too.
  8. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    A GMH from Skyfire is another option...
  9. Muni

    Muni New Member

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge..what is GMH?
  10. Kdogg211187

    Kdogg211187 Jr Member

    Grant McCune Helmet. Its one of the many different versions of a Boba Fett helmet. It has lineage to the Pre Production #2 helmet cast. Typically recommended for smaller people. Here is a little history of this particular bucket. Though i am not sure if Rav Bralor has a dent in the helmet. If not, then you would need to fill the dent in on the GMH. Unless there is an undented GMH version?
  11. Muni

    Muni New Member

    The rubies is here..... I want crash it!!
    They sent me a helmet of two pieces, terrible bad quality, and too big for me , is the Jango two pieces instead 1 piece.... I hope to return it before burning it.

    I will not risk more with helmet sizes, I'll finish mounting our 3D printer and I'll get one tailored to my body.
  12. Kdogg211187

    Kdogg211187 Jr Member

    Jango helmet from Animefan is 1 piece. He makes one that is accurate to the movie and it recommended for smaller sized people. Cruzer's Jango helmets are movie accurate except around 30% larger for those with bigger noggins.
  13. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    The Animefan helmet is a screen cast Jango. Cruzer's helmet is the BKBT (Vince) which he produced before the screen cast helmets became available.

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