rubio95's FPH2 - RotJ WIP


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Try and do a wash with black acrylic in distilled water....itll darken it up a bit....but...yeh it does APPEAR lighter then it should be, could be its too light or just not having the red throwing off the color...what red are you going with ?
Yeah, I had great success doing several acrylic washes on my ESB. But part of the reason I'm debating more mists on this one is because of how bright the Humbrol Silver is. It's BRIGHT. I'd like it to be a little toned down. I may even look into using an aluminum variation in the future. As far as the green, all of those pics were taken in sunlight, and after bringing it indoors, the green has a much more drab tone. So we'll wait and see.

As far as the red, it'll be Floquil Caboose, no question. I bought several bottles of it a few years ago. I know that one of our color lists for the ESB calls for Caboose, but I've always thought that it's much better suited to RotJ. That's the main reason why I used Jayvee's Humbrol mix for my ESB. The ESB always seemed to me to be more red than maroon.

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Rock Island Maroon....if you can find it is spot on for the ROTJ maroon its kinda in between the two

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Yeh....I spent about 40 bucks on reds this year....I had an equivalent for it but it evades me at the moment. I want to say its british crimson from model masters....BUT don't quote me on that. The rock island maroon is a long gone color, I bought 3 bottles of it after I was told about it myself.


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RI Maroon for sure. The British Crimson is a brighter red. I actually use the British Crimson for the small red chips on the left ear on the ESB.


Looking great mate. A touch light in those pics, but the light sources can be pretty deceptive. A little misting or a wash would be fairly straightforward if you find it needs to darken up down the track. But I would definitely wait till the red is on before making any major calls on it. Ratios, compressor air pressure and amount of thinner used can make a big difference to the mix.

As for the Tamiya enamels - what is interesting, is that the pic I posted was originally supplied for a query from a member who was told from his local hobby shop that Tamiya didn't make enamels. I posted it to show that they do indeed. On further reading, it seems they are quite difficult to locate in the North American market. Yet over here, I can get them and the full Humbrol range in just about any hobby shop I go into, including my local a stones throw away from my house. So yes, I think the fact that I have the enamel version of tamiya sea blue, may very well make a bit of difference to the overall colour recipe. However, Your colours are looking sweet brother!

The lads seem to have nailed down that Rock Island Maroon, so thats absolutely fantastic. I haven't tried it myself, and also had good results with caboose, so its definitely a great alternative if you can't find the RI Maroon. Keep up the amazing work great man, job is looking absolutely stellar!


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Got the red on...I went ahead and used Caboose:


Pulled off some of the masking:




I wasn't particularly happy with how the 'drip' around the dent came out, so I reverse-masked it and reshaded:


The masking came up with the tape, all in one piece...







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Making quick work of this beauty. Detail and colors are superb, looks like you've painted dozens of these before.