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My jet pack is all but finished. Rather than use the solid resin jets (the cone things), chaucer recommended I use spray bottles. I have searched Meijer, Target, WalMart, Michael's, Lowe's, etc. and have yet to find anything that is the correct size and taper. I need to have this JP done for C2. In other words, I need suggestions NOW. As a last resort, I will use the resin ones that came with it. HELP!
You will have to venture into the bowels of Kmart. Good luck. It's the only place I've ever found them. One Kmart will have none of them, another Kmart will have 40.

edit: Oh, one other thing. On my last jet pack, I couldn't find the right spray bottles at the time. I bought two of those airwick air freshener cone things. Cut off the bottom, drill a big hole in the top, sand off the raised design, and it worked better than the spray bottles. Of course, now I have several spray bottle sitting around. Too bad you don't live in SoCal. At least your jet pack could smell garden-fresh. :)
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Tell what I used...I was at Walmart looking for the very same thing but had no luck. Then I started looking for things that were similar in shape...a wiffle bat. If you look for a BIG orange bat with one of those over sized balls you've found it. And to top it off it's only like three bucks! Anyway, you only use the portion that tappers up toward the handle, you'll see what I am talking about once you get the bat. Just be sure that make correct measurements so you get the cone to match up with the resin ball. Good Luck:]
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Thanks Lisa. I went straight to K-Mart and there they were in the health and beauty department. For anybody else who is searching for these, they are transparent colored plastic with a matching color sprayer (I got yellow ones). The UPC sticker on the bottom read J-60 High Tech Sprayer. The great part is that they were only $1.99 each. I am almost positive that this is what GA used for their molds.
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I remember seeing a thread over the Jet Pack jets, and that People found a squirt bottle that made perfect for the jets. But the only place to buy them was at Kmart. Here in OK, all Kmarts went outta buisness, but i picked up 2 at walmart yesterday, for 1.50. They are really good. Hopefully i just might have helped one person with this useless thread.
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I used spray bottles from Walmart also. I believe they were around the same price. They are okay but I would rather have the resin parts. Anyone have any for sale or trade?
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what are you guys using for.......

the ball shaped part where the thruster attatches to?im finally done with the body of the jet pack(after taking it apart 3 times to get the proportions right LOL)so im moving on to the other kinda stuck on this one.i have been looking at toy stores trying to find a plastic ball of the right size but to no avail.any suggestions?

what about the detail on the center of this piece?how do you make it?i have been throwing around ideas but im not certain.or is there a specific item that i can buy?thanks in advance:D
When I made my jets, I used a plastic sphere from the craft store, they come in different sizes, you can cut out the center and use a small plastic cup like from Pepto, or there are also little craft cups. I also cast these and then made them out of fiberglass, but you could just leave the plastic and maybe fill them with expandible foam to give them rigidity. The plastic spheres come apart in two halves, so it was easy to cut out the holes.
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thanks now i know where to confident in my skills that i can fabricate the entire costume.sometimes i just have problems finding parts to make it work.thanks!!!

anyone else???
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I remember seeing a post on AYW where someone found a baby toy that looked pretty damn close to the real thrusters. They even had the center detail.
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It was a toy ball of some sorts......That is all I know...........would you like to touch my monkey?
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Fishing bobs. Huge ones.
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i went to a local craft store and bought 2 clear plastic ornamet balls and used the tops off of pepsi bottles (16oz,)cutting the tops just under the ring, the bottle tops had the nice swirly pattern that i thought would give a little diff perspecrive o the pack

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Well i'm making a jet pack out of aluminum soon to match up with the rest of my outfit [since i decided to make it all metal] Now for the jet thrusters iam planning on using these
aluminum cups i have .I beleive they are the ones used for mixing drinks you can find them at k-mart or jc penny these are just fine for my project .Althoug some cutting need to be done at the bottoms to give them the proper lenght and accurate look.
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Here you go:

This one looks about right. Just trim off any excess from the bottom:

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those seem just to get too fat at the bottom...if someone could post mine, cause i still cant find a good server.
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Those are the ones I used too. I cut off a bit of the tops and bottoms. I think I may have cut too much though.
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