Jet Pack One Jetpack - Seven Boba Fett Artisans


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I can always 3D print it for you.

I may take you up on that :)

I did some quick sanding to the back, but ran out of primer, but I think it’s getting there.
I just need to refine some lines and corners a bit more.



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I was able to do some more refinements to the recessed area today and temporarily placed all the greeblies in. There’s a bit more filling and shaping I will be doing to fine tune it.
I also decided to just cut down the cover to complete the look as I think routing out the larger panel opening would be more work than necessary.
(It may be on the table down the road for a future modification)

Anyway, here’s where it is at at the moment:

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Thanks again Chris.
By the way, I received the cones today and they are awesome!
I quickly cut apart the old cones,(which I had started to modify before realizing there are supposed to be four rectangular grooves instead of the three that was there) and superglued the new ones on. They fit great since you made the dimensions spot on to the original.
I just need to do some slight filling to blend the sections together.

Dakota also surprised me by sending another collar piece (without me even asking), since he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the first one that was sent. I really appreciate and respect craftsmen that stand by their work. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the new collar looks so good!

Here is everything temporarily put together, but I’m still working on it, hence some scuffs on the primer.

I just got notice from Lou this morning that the new Jetpack top is done and is on its way!

Another artisan will also be added in the coming weeks as I have just purchased hooks and clips from Full Metal Fett.

This Jetpack will definitely be a centerpiece in my collection and the collaboration of pieces from different artists still blows me away.


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Received the new rocket top from Lou. There was a little filling needed for the seams, so I’m working on that now.

In the meantime, I received this today. Bought it off of eBay on Sunday and it came out to $15 shipped including tax.

I guess I’ll have to buy a harness soon to go with it ;)


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After filling, sanding and priming a couple of times to blend the seams, this new rocket is looking really nice.
I like how much wider it is toward the top compared to the MOW. It’s also made out of fiberglass, so this thing is light but super strong.
Thanks again Darth Voorhees for making this for me!

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Here is the new topper temporarily on the Jetpack.
I didn’t have a second transition piece, so I cut a top off of a spray can. Surprisingly, it looks pretty good and it’s metal and shiny. (It’s temporary, of course)

Here’s a side by side of the old and new topper on the Jetpack. The new one looks really good to me.
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I’m still working on the bottom of the pack, but I was able to temporarily fit the XLR port suggested by BH-51512 and the momentary switch provided by Lazerjock.

I should be receiving another greeblie tomorrow, so I’ll post a pic when it comes in.