Newbies first BF Helmet attempt .FINISHED!!!



Finally Finished my Boba Helmet!
I think it looks good. I got my AWSOME RF lights From Bobo. They work GREAT! If you don't have a set yet, I Highly recommend them.
Got the Visor in(fun fun):)
Well, just thought I'd let ya see the final outcome.
Let me know what ya think.
Can't wait to start my next one(ROTJ):)
Hello. I'm a Newbie. Just found out about your GREAT site and joined yesterday(6/11/03). I'm working on a Boba Costume and this is my first attempt at painting the helmet.
I bought this helmet on ebay and decided to paint it.
I down loaded alot of pictures and looked at the "Chronicles" and "From Star Wars to Indiana Jones"
for ref material.
I thought I was doing a pretty decent job until I discovered your site.
Please give me your honest opinion so I can get it right next time. This one will probebly end up back on ebay.

The Helmet isn't done but I have new pics.
Tell me what you think.
I took these pics outside. The Red looks real red in the sun and the pale gold on the Right ear and back of helmet look real yellow(in the pics).
Other than that, I think it looks pretty good.
Robert E.
It's pulling up for me.
I probably did something wrong!
Like I said, I'm a NEWBIE!
I'll see if I can fix it.
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Very nice Reidemiller....

I would keep it, if you are doing a ESB version. The ears on both sides need work to make it proper ESB though. Nice paint and weathering too!

Oh yes and welcome to the TDH!!! and hello from Vancouver Canada!!
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Welcome to TDH! Nice work on the bucket!! :D(y)
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Welcome aboard,

Nice work on the helmet, is that a DP.
if that goea on e-bay i'll give it a bid myself (you can never have too many helmets :D)

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Hello and welcome to TDH, you did an very nice job on painting the helmet. When you install the new visor make sure that the mandibles are not too wide apart or it will look wrong like many DP I have seen.
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Thanks for the welcome and kind words.
Maybe it's not as bad as I thought it was.
I'm just picky, and when I started reading some of the forums and what the correct colors were, I thought I would ask for guidance.
Thanks again.
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Yeah, I figured I would pull the bottom in the same width as the top when I glue the visor in and maybe add something(metal strip) along inside bottom for stability.
This site is AWESOME!
Proud to be a member!!
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Is it a DP? Yes and No. It is fiberglass.
It was a no reserve auction and it was ssooo cheap, I had to bid. I got it for less than my DP.
I have a DP(non F-Glass) but I haven't painted it yet. just cut the visor out .
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Esb it is!
Now, what do I need to do to the ears?
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Considering you didn't have the absolute best resource in the world for painting a helmet (The Reference CD) you did a fine job.

Honest. :)

But I've only painted approximately 90% of a helmet, so I'm not exactly an expert.

The RF (range finder) ear should be dull gold; the other ear should be a sort of lime colour green.

One area for improvement is the scratch over the left eye (right if you were wearing it.) It gives Fett a lot of...I dunno. Personality, I guess. You could give that more detail.

The back should be a darker, bluer color. It needs a LOT more damage.

But like I said, you did a fine job. If you want to do better, check this out:

There's some great shots of the ESB helmet in there.

And welcome to your new home. :)

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GREAT! Thanks for the help!
I thought the color was pretty close on the back of the helmet, until I found TDH and all the great pics.
And thanks for the link(the ref cd).
I will look for a better color for the back (anyone have any suggestions?) and get started on the ears and add more detail to the scratch.
I would like to upgrade to an aluminum RF stalk and add
LEDS to the RF.
Any help from anyone or sources would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.
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Hey dude, welcome aboard. Nice looking bucket there. I agree, it's a keeper. No need to sell it due to the paint job, certainly.

LED's in the RF? Hmmmm Bobo, yes, you seek Bobo.

Again, welcome!

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That is a great paint job!!! I would have no reservations about throwing up a quick bid on that if you put it on ebay. Great work, and from one newbie to the other, you can do all of the research on Boba Fett costuming you want, but you will only get the best most accurate answers here on TDH.
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Thanks for the comp.
I agree about TDH! It is awsome! I've learned SO MUCH since becoming a member.
I'm going to be posting new pics of my Helmet in the next couple of days(Monday or Tuesday).
I've redone the Back with the green-blue color and painted the ears the correct colors(from what I've seen).
I finished painting and weathering the RF, I'm just waiting on my Rf LEDS from Bobo(awsome) and I'm installing the visor today.
So, if you don't mind, let me know what you think of the new pics when I post them.
Thanks again for the complaments.
And from one NEWBIE to anouther, WELCOME!!!
Robeert E.
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