First attempt at a helmet

Astral Arrow

New Hunter
Galactic Armory Helmet

I did a 3d print at .2mm layer height. I had to split the main body of the helmet into fourths, then used a 3d print finishing knife (basically a glorified soldering iron) to weld the pieces together. I tried to use the support material as solder where possible.

Colors used:
Montana Black - Storm
Montana Black - Cardinal
Montana Black - Goby

I bought a can of Montana White - King Kong and that color would have deadass been perfect for the upper cheeks but it had to much of a satin sheen to it in my opinion.

all of the detail colors: the cheeks, silver, left ear lighter greenish color, the grime, basically me just eyeballing the colors relative to what I can freeze frame of the TV show as well as my own takes. I used Craft Smart acrylics...whatever my wife had in her art room. I wasn't trying to nail the damage spot on, just kinda looked at where I thought things are supposed to go and then gave it a college try.

BOBF helmet.jpg
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