New Zam Needing LOTS of Help!

Rence Shecal

New Hunter

I'm a costumer and hopeful member of the 501st living in Sydney, Australia. At the moment, I have decided to jump in feet first and make myself a Zam Wesell outfit.

I have been sewing a long time, have made many very involved costumes and have worked as a seamstress but little did I know what I was getting into. Neoprene? Molded parts? And a helm that isn't made by every licensed guy out there. <sigh> Thankfully, I know how to work with leather. <lol>

Anyway, I am hoping <fingers crossed> to have my outfit done by late april for a convention there. A friend and I will be Jango and Zam. :D That's the plan anyway. So any help anyone can give me, tell who to contact to get some parts, whatever....would be most greatly appreciated! <picture me screaming and begging on my knees>

Thanks guys, Cheers!
I don't want to rain on your picnic, But I consider myself a very long-time costumer, with alot of experience, and it took me a year to make my wife's Zam outfit. I didn't even make all of it myself. I traded some of my items to MonCal for his awesome shins and chestplates. Good luck on your costume. I hope you can get it done in time.
Hmmm, thanks for your....inspiring....words. <wry look> I fully intend to get it done no matter how much time I have to sacrifice. (and sleep! <lol>) I don't suppose, since you've made one of these, you happen to have any helpful suggestions, do you? Maybe a good place to get a helmet made or even something to cast it from? That is looking to be the hardest part for me.

Edit: What do most people here use to make their chest plates? Sintra or some other similliar product?
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Not trying to turn you away from your task, just prepare you. :lol: I thought I'd have it done in four months. As for finding sources for pieces, my above post has a very good hint. also, read through the Zam forum, to find out who made what parts, and pm them for info. Deals are not made on the open forum. Good luck. :)
MonCal made molded chest armor - which looks awesome! Zam I Am made hers from Sintra and I think hers came out fantastic too! I'm going to try the Sintra first, and integrate it with a harness in the vest - like MonCal did with his. Just need more time in the day!!! *sighs*
I actually didn't make a harness, although it's a very neat concept in order to keep the plating down. I used sintra as a base and styrene strips to make that outer lip edges that the leather gets pulled over. And the top part of the armor that you see with the lettering is styrene. Therefore, raised lettering comes out when you put it on top of the sintra base. I won't make that for people cause everyone has different upper body sizes that could change the whole appearance. Talk about custom -ugh.
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