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Looking to put together a Zam Costume for the wife hopefully in time for celebration Europe 3

im starting to research all the threads to get up to speed but would appreciate any hints and tips and recommended vendors to get this costume moving

many thanks

I've gotten items from JDFett and will be purchasing gauntlets from MonCal.
All my leather came from Tandy Leather in Louisville, KY.
Miscellaneous parts came from several sources: a local store to me called Imperial Fasteners, ebay (shoes), and amazon.
Purple fabric had to be shipped overseas from Jabbadashery, out of the UK. Not sure if there is anyone in the states selling it.

Good luck. I'm rather enjoying seeing more interest in this costume!
Hi! My greeblies are from JDFett too, and the best fabric is in Jabbadashery.
Shoes came from ebay, and the rest is from local stores.
I'm building the armor with pvc and the helmet with paper, resin and fiber.

Let's see your progress!
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