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While stopping in at Ace Hardware for some home-improvement items, I browsed the spray-paint section (it's become a habit recently).

I found a color that might work for the dome and cheeks of the Fett helmet: Avacado. It's used for touching up those older 70's model kitchen appliances.

I don't think it can be used by itself, but as a good base coat, with several mists of other colors. I'll buy a can tonight and do a couple test sprays. If it works, I'll post pics of what it looks like on MY helmet, along with brand name and color number info.
Just inquiring but is this becasue you don't have an airbrush? I just don't want you banging your head on the table but that color may be close but since we know the real color why bang your head on the table the work has been done.


No, I don't have an airbrush, and form what I've seen, very few in this Forum do. This is simply an alternative to what others are using.
For those without airbrushes, I think you can take a swatch of the real paint to Sherwin Williams and have them color match it. They will then put the matched mix into a spray can for you. (I've never done this myself, it's just something I recall reading in a thread here) Has anyone tried this yet? Does it sound viable?
My paint shop was going to do it for $20 a can.

I just broke down and bought an airbrush! :)

But it can be done!

That's what I'm using. A friend custom-mixed a color with an airbrush and had a can made for me. They're not cheap, but I think there's a price-break with quantities...

I have an airbrush SOMEwhere, but I haven't used it since Reagan was in the White House. Maybe it still works. I just hope my local hobby store has that Panzer Green mentioned. If not, Avacado it is!
Sounds like that would work to me MP! I know many auto body shops can take a small sample of paint and match it almost exactly. they use it for cars w/ somewhat faded paint that doesnt match OEM anymore. I think EGO has the better idea though. Come on guys, using an air brush is not rocket science nor is it a calculus problem! :lol: Go to walmart, buy one for $40, and have a blast! theyre really fun too use, & easier than you think! :)
How big or small can you go for a compressor? I have one my grandpa gave me before he passed away. It's way old. I know it works I just don't know if it will do the brush.
The airbrush I had was a simple Testor's model airbrush. You used a tall can of compressed air for the propellant. I believe I paid $25 for the set. It came with a couple small jars for 'custom' paints, but was made to fit directly onto the top of Testors Model Master's paint jars.
I used the panzer green and just brushed it on. It wasn't really a problem and didn't leave brush strokes or anything but it took several coats. A 99cent brush is a lot cheaper than a 20$ airbrush.

Even better (if I'd had them at the time) I've been painting a custom set of armor with sponge brushes. Those work really good and only cost about a quarter each.

Yep, I use an airbrush, but brushing that stuff does work. Those model paints are thin enough that they don't really show brush strokes (much), but it's not as paint-efficient as using an airbrush.
Michael's has 50% off coupons a lot in their fliers, and they're good for any regular price item. It's how I got a nice air brush for about $40. Of course, I figured out that the type air brush doesn't seem nearly as important as having an air compressor instead of the canned air, and the air compressors are about $100, unfortunately.
Ive seen a number of airbrush & air compressor combos on ebay lately that were right at or under $100. For anyone thats thinking of getting into airbrushing you might want to think about that! One of the biggest problems w/ airbrushes/compressors is the wide variety of diff. hook ups & connectors available. Buy em as a set & you,re ready to go. I've been using the propellant cans for quite a while & they usually work OK, but its hard to know exactly how much painting power you have left. Trust me: it sucks when you finally get your armor color perfect, start spraying it on, & run out of propelant 3/4 of the way through! The cans are spendy too, $20 bucks a pop where I buy em, & they dont last long! :)
I hear that.

I was able to dig out my old airbrush, it looks okay. I bought (the last) 2 bottles of Panzer Green from a model train store here in Denver. The medium can of air was about eight bucks. The tall Testor's can went for ten, and the Badger brand was thirteen.

Now let's see if it works...
Oh my like a charm. I haven't touched that thing in at least four years.

Now then. Guess I'll have to mask off the helmet and get to it.

Hats off to Lee (Rogue Studios) for all the detective work. Panzer Green is pretty much dead on. I just need to figure out a way to 'pepto' it...
I'm in the process of painting my Helmet, JP and armor preatty soon. I have an Airbrush (the expensive ones), and all I need is to buy a small compressor. If you look to the ones that sells at Hobby stores (small compressors), they could cost you around the $100 range or higher, while if you go to an Auto Zone or Home Depot, you could find a big compressor (aprox. 2 gallon and over 200 psi) for the same price as the really small ones from the hobby shops. I found one with that description and I'm about to do a little investment on that. Besides, I need it for future artwork.
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