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So I have read through a lot of the paint ups here on TDH. Archive X ones, humbrol, vintage floquil etc (superjedi, terminalfettler,FamousFett etc). I’ve decided i’d like to use as many of the vintage paints as possible. But in order for it to look correct, I can’t use any vintage color(s) for the dome and cheeks main green. I tend to favor the look of that humbrol for the dome and cheeks. On the website the “Cockpit Green 78” looks too dark in color. So i’m wondering if I’m using a rustoleum silver as the base for the dome and hitting it with steel wool to dull it a bit before adding other layers (as well as misting a later on) And vintage floquil colors for the other layers, will the Humbrol green have the same effect or not really? I need some advice on what direction i should go. Most fett helmets seem to look to olive or too dark. But the references photos (taking the flash into account obviously) Still have that grey/green/bluish hue to them. Most likely produced after the layered effect and post-misting. Definitely not super straightforward. I know most experienced fett painters have their own ratios and mixes, as to what looks right to them subjectively. I’m just trying to avoid purchasing boatloads of paint I won’t use haha.
For what it's worth, I've found that a 1/1 ratio of ArchiveX Grey/Green and ArchiveX Light Green looks pretty good to my eye. See my completed helmet below:

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