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Discussion in 'Zam Wesell Costume' started by Eonai3080, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Eonai3080

    Eonai3080 New Member

    Hello I'm in need of some help with a project for a friend and I've looked all over the web. she has a new 501st approved Zam costume and has asked for my help to make her the Zam rifle. I had found a web sight that had all the info I needed, but now it's gone. I was looking for a template or info on the length of the rifle. Any info will help. Thanks
  2. silvermitt

    silvermitt Jr Member

    I have a ton of pictures of my rifle on photobucket; You are welcomed to look.
    SW Zam by silvermittt
  3. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    If like to find a good Zam blaster and Sniper Rifle myself...
  4. silvermitt

    silvermitt Jr Member

    I built mine using two junked out kentucky long rifles for parts, had the large power cell machine by a friend, there are aluminum metal rods, and all the other parts were scavenged from various things, from which I cannot remember very well.
  5. silvermitt

    silvermitt Jr Member

    I still haven't gotten the blaster yet. I'd prefer lightweight aluminum, but settle for anything that looks right!

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