My Zam so far....


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A long time ago .... in a gal ....... (ok ill skip the quotes lol)

......maybe 4 years ago, I dreamed of being a kick butt female bounty hunter and joining my Garrison. I got a couple of pieces here and there but i had to sell them when i got into debt, it was a dream i thought would never come true and i lost sight of it, i gave up.:(

This Christmas i opened up a parcel from my boyfriend, it was a Blaster and some neoprene ... i couldnt believe it!!! Then later in the day i tripped over a big box in the hallway, my boyfriend told me to open it and im not ashamed to say i cried when i saw the contents, i suspected he might get me something zam but this box had half the costume in!!!!:eek:

Now my dream back in sight and my boyfriend forever owed hugs and kisses i am posting my progress here!

Thanx to all you Zammers before me whos knowledge, research and hard work enable me to make this costume and thanx to my boyfriend who is one in a gazillion and making my dream cme true :love

We started off playing with the rifle, we dont have a barrel yet, the scope and side whatsit are being machined out of ally. Hopefully lots more pogress to follow :)


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And a Merry Christmas to you too!!!! :)

Here are my gauntlets in progress, im weathering them, the dont actually look quite this dark but the lighting isnt the best :) Im very happy with them!

Your Boyfriend must love you alot!;) Looks awsome, looks like your on your way to a great start!
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that's cool to be on the same page where he could get you a gift like that.

i explained the fett stuff to my brother before christmas and he just handed me money and said go for it, not much of a surprise but thoughtful enough for me

Yeah its pretty awesome!! We spent 90% of christmas sanding, painting drilling etc LOL - its the best!!! I guess maybe its because we met through our Garrison though so we have like interests :lol: :eek:

Thanx to everyone who has replied, Happy New Year to you all xxx
What a merry Christmas!!! Isn't it nice when your honey doesn't think you're crazy because they do the costume thing too? :)
What a great Christmas!!! (y) I think I'd be bawling my eyes out too! :D Sounds like a keeper to me! The Zam costume and the boyfriend! :D
Hello everyone! (I'm the boyfriend)

Big thanks goes to Gui Gon Ludo for posting them all safely to the UK in the first place! Nice to have trust like that with a total stranger!
Shame his other half couldn't do this costume but rest assured it's gone to a good home and I can't wait to see it finished :)

Thanks for all your nice comments. I try my best ;)
Langsuir666 He's definately a keeper-your man! Whew! Haha, but trying to keep things a secret... Qui Gon Ludo tells me he had to drop off the neo list (It was a really awesome blessed reason).MAN! And, he sooo lucked out with Qui Gon Ludo. There I was -- telling your boyfriend how long it usually takes to build a zam. I will bite my tongue now LOL. Then SL/TK8456 is pming me trying to keep it a secret from his gfriend, and I was like, wait-- who? Talk about a juggling act. I was like, who was comin or goin?! And who's getting what from who?! I am so happy yall are happy. Qui Gon Ludo kept me in the loop. It took some major figuring out ~ Shew!
Yes, thank you ZIA. Imagine how I felt then?
All this going on across the pond with a few hours time delay. I got a little confused myself at times but it's all sorted now :)

I'm loving it almost as much as her (probably more so, cos I've got a lovely sniper rifle to play with)
Wish I was a girl. An ace costume!
I'm loving it almost as much as her!

Hang on are you saying you love my costume more than you love me, or you love the costume more than i love the costume? ... think carefully here *poises hand for slap* LOL :lol: :love

You guys all did an awesome job keeping me in the dark!!! I was gutted all that stuff sold little did i know my sneaky BF bought it!! lol

You all made my Christmas!!!
Wow!!! Excellent!!! :D Color me Jealous! ;) You're gonna be finished in no time at this rate! Yikes - puttin' us old-timers to shame! ... well at least me! ;) Okay... was the chest armor done with Rub-n-Buff?? Then weathered with what??? Finished with anything??

I'm Langsuire666's other half. Thanks for the compliments.

Yes I used rub n buff. I sanded the ABS pieces in one direction only. To give it a brushed metal look. Then rubbing with the grain I put the first light silver shade down. Then rubbing across the grain I put down a darker sliver, but only in patches.
There's a bronze on there too but none of the colours were put on with a brush. All hand rubbed on with a lint free kitchen cloth in a mixture of circular and straight lines. All done when all layers are still fairly wet.

The weathering is old 'useless' gone hard and dry matt black paint that I ground down into a powder and mixed with a drop or two of fresh black/brown paint.
Dab that tacky mix onto the armour with a cloth or finger. Put on far too much than you need and press down hard and leave for a while.
Then a little rub n buff over it all helps to smooth the tacky paint down (most of it flakes off which is why you put too much on) and helps to give it a metallic look.
Same again with some bronze paint in places.

Phew! :eek: Looks cool though :)
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Hmm.. similar to how I did the toe-guards and my cast blaster (No weathering on the blaster though). Though I didn't think of adding bronze to the mix... Hmmm. Just got my chest-armor kit from Mon-Cal and am anxious to get that part done!

Yours looks fantastic though! Can't wait to see some pics with the whole costume completed! It's gonna be fantastic! Hope you'll be able to enter the costume contest at Celebration Europe! (y)
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