MB armor paint; progress pics

check out my progress pictures of my MB armor... since the last of these pictures was taken, I've finished up the painting on the left chest piece, and started masking the first layer on the cod piece. I'm using testors silver spraypaint for the metal base color, then testors Yellow Zinc Chromate airbrushed for the yellow, and Rustoleum satin spruce green misted with some grey primer as the main color. I'm using mustard for the masking, and I think it works great. The neck seal is TK409 (thanks for the great birthday present Qui-Gon_Ludo!) and is there for reference and because I don't have a vest yet.

That's the same set of armour I have, yours is looking sweet! I like the addition of a yellow layer after the green. Also nice to see how well mustard works for masking.
the yellow actually goes on before the green, at least that's how I did mine. If I'm not mistaken, I think the real deal, the yellow and silver were painted on top of the green, but I think it looks better to do it with the silver as the base, then the yellow, then finally green. it makes it more realistic. painted on sctratches work well on screen, but when you are going to have people coming up to you and inspecting your costume and stuff, I say go for what looks better in person.

thanks for the complement!
The armor is looking good. I used the mustard trick on my armor as well. I think that's been my greatest find on this forum. I thought it was funny at first, but thought I'd give it a try since it's considerably cheaper than most painting masks. I went art school, have a BFA in illustration, paint all the time, and I've never found anything that works as well for a mask.
I'm confused. When do you remove the mustard? Someone had said you can wash it off while the paint is still tacky?? I used msutard once and it was hard a s a rock when i tried to get it off. Don't laugh but I ended up using pancake batter. :lol:
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