Boba Fett ROTJ Armor Paints


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Hello Fellow Fett’s,
I wanted to see if anyone here uses/used Tamiya Acrylic Paint(s) for their ROTJ build? This’ll be my first build and I’ll be using an iwata Eclipse Airbrush. All the Armor is coming from Boba Maker. I was hoping some folks on here could guide me as to what paints to get, color number wise. I chose Tamiya Acrylic Paints because that what Boba maker said he uses. I’m having him do the Chest, Shoulder and Knee painting for me. Leaving me responsible for the Collar, Back and Cod and Kidney pieces.

From what I see on the armor for these pieces is a base layer of metal grey, then a paleish yellow and finally an olive drab and using a masking fluid in between the painting to account for the damage.

Any assistance is appreciated.



This is my very long build thread. I don't think I have a paint list but I do remember talking about paints I used. Maybe I should add a paint list to this.